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Has it really been a month since my last post? Good grief, life is FLYING.

To quickly bring you guys up to speed on what’s happened since I last checked in:
1) I cut my hair- yes, even shorter.
2) I packed up and moved my entire life to Chicago.
3) I purchased my first flat screen TV. Don’t judge me.
4) I closed my very first issue of JET Magazine. It hits newsstands nationwide on June 6th.
5) One of my BFFs gave birth to her first son!
As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been A LOT.
Yet nowhere on that list does it say I’ve been out gallivanting in Chicago, meeting cute Chicago Bulls basketball players, getting the very much need daily workouts in, shopping for cute shoes or even enjoying the springtime sunshine.
Le sigh.
On the bright side, I am still super excited to be here. The work is extremely fulfilling and my co-workers are cool. Not to mention, I’ve only officially been in the city for two weeks, and my actual apartment for two days. READ: There’s still hope for lots of shenanigans (at the very least, some sun).
So don’t give up on the blog so fast. I have every intention of posting more regularly. But until I’m settled *looks at the piles of unopened boxes sitting in the middle of middle living room & cringes* it’ll probably just be once-a-week recaps on the weekends.
I miss you guys.

Dammit to all hell, is no junk food sacred anymore?

Turns out the mystery “ground meat” that Taco Bell hustles by the burrito boat load doesn’t even have enough actual beef to qualify as taco meat filling (which only requires 40% fresh beef) let alone call itself real “beef.” Oh and wait on it… apparently the rest of said “meat” is a combination of chemicals and random ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch.

*gags and looks directly at Latoya Scott- Brown*

We’ve got to do better people.

Say what you want about Naomie Campbell but that broad’s got balls. 

Whether it’s throwing a cell phone at your head, exclusively dating old decrepit white billionaires, dancing on an elevated platform with no panties,or cussin’ out the entire modeling industry for not using more models of color, homegirl just doesn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks.  And I for one am more than happy to co-sign on the tomfoolery.

Which is why it makes perfect sense (at least to me) that after posing for one of those signature “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” PETA campaigns back in the day, homegirl is now the star of the Dennis Basso fur fall campaign.  And then keeping her response to the whole bruh-ha-ha real simple, “Yes, I still wear fur.” HA! Just like that…

Take notes.

PRAISE God there are less than 48 hours until Toya & Dre’s freaking wedding!!!  My goodness, this whole bridesmaid dress situation has been a NIGHTMARE. Exhale. Got me feeling like a broke-down Keyshia Cole singing, ‘I jus’ want it to be OVAAAA!’  

No offense.
Forget the fact that I’ve been existing in a perpetual state of hunger for the last 6 weeks, why has it taken SIX freaking fittings to get a “custom-made” dress to fit properly?? Seriously?? , I’m a need you to do a little better dude.  Cause beyond the $250 for a dress that I won’t ever wear again, you’re wasting MY TIME.  
SIX times over the past EIGHT weeks, I’ve had to stop any and everything that I was doing and DRAG my ass down to midtown and below (because after the 4th attempt, it required a totally different tailor to execute the necessary damage control) from Washington Heights,.  For those who aren’t familiar with NYC, that’s about 120 blocks or a 40 min trip. Mind you, as I type this post the dress is not in hand. I still have to go pick it up for the shop.  Uh-huh, one word: beyond.
Jesus be the open bar reception.  ‘Cause Lord, I can’t do it in my right mind…

So all in one HOTLANTA-fied week, I’ve been written up in not one but TWO really amazing blogs!  Aww suckey-suckey now… 

The first posted yesterday on IN HER SHOES, a fast tracked blog that’s dedicated to-and I quote- “Showcasing some of the most driven, talented, inspiring and let’s not forget, flyest female entrepreneurs on the planet.” Whew!  Ain’t that a mouthful?  We LOVE. Check out  that feature HERE
The second is a cute lil’ Q&A that just hit the internet this morning.  That’s actually on and popping at THE B-LIFE. Which for those who are totally out of the loop, is for and about those who choose to indulge in the best life in NYC and beyond has to offer. Get into it.  Feel free to check that out HERE.
And as soon as you finish reading, take all that warm and fuzzy energy and go buy my new book HERE.  This way, they’ll have a good reason to continue writing about me! 


Soooo after much ado, WHAT GOES AROUND- the third installment of my award-winning teen book series HOTLANTA- hits bookstores nationwide today
WOO HOO!!!  Go Mitzi, it’s your book drop date, Go Mitzi get busy!! It’s a celebration B*TCHES!!
Okay party people, you know what the deal is… time to put your money where your mouth is and show your homegirl some love. Please take a friend and go buy your copies of WHAT GOES AROUND, not now but right now.  
And for those who simply don’t have time to stop by a Barnes & Noble, books-A-Million, Daltons or Borders, then by all means, feel free to click your way over to and purchase it online. 
And not for nothing, it’s still being sold at the recession-friendly price of $9.99. So be sure to cop a copy or two or ten…. I’m just saying.  
It takes a village my brother… 

Ever have those days when you doing so much it feels like your feet barely touch the ground? Yet your brain feels soooo slow? Well that’s how this entire past week has been. But let me keep it to myself, nowadays there are plenty of folks who wish they had anything to do besides sitting home.

This morning I was a guest on the Food Network Show, ‘Food Detectives’ featuring Ted Allen. Sounds like fun, right? All the way up until the point where I realized that I would have to be up and out of the crib by 7.15am! Good lord, I am so not a morning person. So if any of you see me looking a tad crazy on air, this is my big disclaimer- can’t nothing good come out of me trying to get dress and do my own hair and make-up before 8am!
Just FYI, the show is airing sometime this spring. Read: I can’t tell you the exact day or time. But I will tell you that I’m barefoot in a kiddie pool…

It’s that’s time again (drum roll, please)…..
The latest installment in my Essence Magazine certified, Publisher’s Weekly praised, African American Literature Award nominated teen series HOTLANTA; IF ONLY YOU KNEW; is in bookstores nationwide RIGHT NOW. WooHoo! Yip-Pee! This is where the bottles pop and the crowds start chanting my name!! ;)

IF ONLY YOU KNEW continues the crazy, drama-filled adventures of ATL hotgirls Sydney and Lauren Duke- the ‘flyest’, wealthiest, ‘it’ girls Buckhead has seen in a loooong time. If you ain’t know before, it’s a page turner for all ages! If you watch The Hills, Gossip Girl, Baldwin Hills or any of the many scandalous young adult shows on television, you’re gonna LOVE my book. And if you don’t, you still love me and that should be more than enough.
So seriously, what I really, really, really need you do is, run, not walk or stroll to your nearest bookstore and purchase your copies IMMEDIATELY-one for you, your mom/aunt/sister/baby cousin and the closest teenager in your life. And then puh-lease, TELL SOMEBODY I DON’T KNOW to buy a copy. At $8.99 a pop, its the perfect birthday/ holiday/ everyday gift.

And if you’re caught up inthe gas crisis, by all means, make your purchase online at amazon. Every sale counts, not to mention there’s a free shipping incentive going on RIGHT NOW:

Keep it real, don’t you like being able to say you know an author who’s at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list? Wouldn’t you like to see me sitting on Oprah’s couch talking smack?? Well if you support my books, that very well might happen. But if you don’t… what you’re gonna be saying is, I KNEW a writer who is now break dancing for dollars at the 34th Street/ Herald Square subway station.
And nobody wants that, right?

I woke up this morning feeling kinda funky. Not in the literal- you ain’t wash yo bootie/ brush the teeth- way. It was more emotional. Like very much fussy and sad, you know? So my knee jerk reaction was to cast blame on the crappy weather and neverending clutter in my apartment. So to ward off the blues, I immediately set about cleaning up. And I cleaned from the kitchen on back, deadline be damned, I cleaned my house today. And still, the funkiness remained.

Then I happened to gance at my calendar and it all came together. This weekend is the Atlanta Classic!! Where my illustrious alma mater Florida A&M University (the dopest HBCU in the country) will be whooping all up on Tennessee State University like a red-headed stepchild while all my old ass college friends will be simultaneously getting drunk and actin’ up like it’s still 1997 up in that piece. Cause we what? Bleed Orange and Green! And when it’s all said and done- ain’t no party like a FAMU party!!!

I on the other hand, will be stuck here in New York City, trying to earn a living and keep the lights on. Sigh, sure hope the homies remember to pour a little liquor out for the kid. I got you next year!

Um, so I just got off a flight this morning, which is not news (more about the awesome trip below). BUT the fact that the seat cushion in the seat next to me was missing, is. I’m just unclear, are we going to have start paying extra for the seat cushions too? I swear the act of flying has become such a damn ordeal! And it affects everybody: passengers are disgruntled are the rising costs of everything ($5 water anyone?), the stewardesses are rude (on the way down, the stewardess got into a nasty argument with the girl sitting beside me because the young lady questioned the way she was collecting the trash. Next thing you know, ‘ole girl is threatening to tell the pilot that the passenger was getting smart. Huh? Like we were in kindergarten or something… bananas) and the security is just as ignorant as always. Sigh. But never have I seen the whole missing seat cushion trick. Air Tran, you gotta love it.
So the good new is: on the total last minute opportunity, I flew to Miami this past weekend for a work event and business dinner (ps, the former Versace Mansion is a fantastical example of how to live when money is not an option). And can I just say, radiant sunshine makes me a better person. As much as I love New York City and all the amazing people in it, I am sosososo much happier and productive when the weather is above you know, 55 degrees in the fourth week of May.
Just the physical act of being in Miami with it’s blue skies, warm breezes and lightweight clothing made me feel like talking to strangers… wait, I do that already. But you know what I mean. No mean mugging down in the dirty subway. I could genuinely smile at folks.
I don’t know, but the way I felt this weekend… this whole struggling to make it happen in the Big Apple might really be coming to an end for the kid.



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