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Random: Has anyone tried these Insanity workout DVDs?

Flipping through the channels over weekend and happened upon the crazy looking info-mercial. And I was INSTANTLY intrigued.

Cause the Lord knows, my relationship with the gym has recently become sketchy at best. I just can’t stand the smell, the machines are either occupied or broken and the person working out next to me ALWAYS seems to be coughing and sneezing. And is there anything worse than the sick person at the gym who’s trying to “sweat” out a cold but doing nothing more than infecting everyone around them?????

READ: I need another way to address the soft & squishy situation that’s happening on my tummy and thighs. IMMEDIATELY.

So tell me, is this just Tae Bo 2000 or does this nonsense really work?

Err-um real talk, this picture of Wendy Williams’ feet that she twit pic’d after DWTS practice made me GAG!!

Yo, this is CRAZY! What is that lump on her right foot? And why are the bunions on her toes doubled up like that?? MY GOD.

And you better believe her husband Kevin faithfully massages them joints for her… with his bare hands.


To hell with Charlie Sheen, Wendy Williams got that certified TIGERS BLOOD pumping through her veins. Cause not for nothing, I refuse to do anything that would cause my feet to look like this besides run for my DAMN life.

This is NOT winning.

Gotta tell you, the headlines today really blew me: 6.1 aftershocks in Japan as the nuclear radiation wafts through the air, a Queens teen beat to death in a gay bias attack, the 3 year-old suffering through alcohol withdrawal in Britain, the giant panda that bit it’s San Diego zookeeper and yet another bus accident.

Oh and let us not forget the on-going drama in Cleavland, TX where the 11 year-old girl was viciously gang-raped by EIGHTEEN boys & men in a deserted FEMA trailer.

*shudders uncontrollably*

I mean, it’s all good fine to be on our individual grinds but at a certain point, you gotta stop and look around. And then, take responsibility for what’s happening. I hope that everyone reading this post is involved in some sort of positive, community service that will change another person’s life for the better. Cause it’s a small world. And every day the crazy gets a little closer to our homes.

*gets off of soapbox & volunteers more time w/ Hip Hop 4 Life*

Uuugh. Just read a story in the NY Daily News about a 23 year-old Queens woman who was shot and killed by muggers after she allegedly refused to give up her purse. Can you imagine? But wait on it… why was her husband standing right next to her when all the drama went down??


Yo. Not to be insensitive to the tragic nature of this situation but how in the world is your husband gonna stand there and let you get into a back & forth bunch of thugs with guns?

Uh-uh, there’s no way.

Even IF homegirl didn’t have the commonsense God gave a billy goat and was really acting belligerent over a damn purse, as a loving spouse it was HIS responsibility to step in & snatch that handbag right outta her hands. And after the muggers left, then the two could’ve beefed about it later…. as opposed to him now burying her six feet under.

I’m jussayin.

*cough* $50 says homeboy collects a major life insurance policy & runs off with the sidechick in t-minus two seconds.*cough*

Dang. Just finished reading the New York Times article about the 21 Catholic priests in Philadelphia that were recently suspended for sexual abuse of a minor and/ or boundary issues with them.


But wait on it… a grand jury report issued on February 10th of 2010 accused the Philadelphia Archdiocese of a widespread cover-up of predatory priests, stretching over decades, and said that as many as 37 priests remained active in the ministry despite credible accusations against them. And naturally, at the time the cardinal vehemently denied the claim.

And then this. A entire YEAR later.

Le sigh.

I feel so sad for all the victims who were put in harm’s way because the Catholic Church refuses to be accountable. Life is hard enough nowadays without having your faith in your religious leaders destroyed over and over again.

So I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about this new Adele album, 21. Took a listen to the single, “Rolling In the Deep” earlier this morn. Not mad, not mad at all. Will definitely have to add the album to the iTunes Library.

Speaking of music- I know I’m late getting the buzz on OFWGTKA but, Tyler The Creator and his single, “Yonkers” gives me LIFE. Sorta reminds me of the way I felt first time I heard Wu-Tang back in the day. But these kids are waaaay more extreme.

Oh and the video is dope.

*hops on bandwagon*

Let me get this straight. A 13-month old baby drowns in the bathtub while his mother is checking her friends’ status updates and playing CafeWorld on Facebook? Forreal?

When I initially saw this story, I almost refused to click link. And quite honestly, I’m sorry that I went against my gut. Cause now I’m physically ill.

Not only did this little boy drown because of his mother’s irresponsibility and lack of good judgement but wait on it… This ignorant hooker has the nerve to try and justify her actions??

Talking about, “he wanted to be left alone.”

HUH? He, who? Since when can a one year old tell an adult ANYTHING??? Let alone, give me privacy while I bathe.


This tragedy was so senseless and preventable it’s just… BEYOND.

Dammit to all hell, is no junk food sacred anymore?

Turns out the mystery “ground meat” that Taco Bell hustles by the burrito boat load doesn’t even have enough actual beef to qualify as taco meat filling (which only requires 40% fresh beef) let alone call itself real “beef.” Oh and wait on it… apparently the rest of said “meat” is a combination of chemicals and random ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch.

*gags and looks directly at Latoya Scott- Brown*

We’ve got to do better people.

For the record, I am adamantly pro-choice.

I have no interest or desire to regulate another woman’s reproductive decisions nor do I believe that it is anyone else’s right to do so.

Because at the end of the day, there’s only one person that will have to live with the mental and physical consequences of giving birth to an unwanted child. And it sure as hell ain’t nam one of the folks holding up graphic protest signs and blockading the entrance to abortion clinics.

With that said, I am absolutely horrified by the accusations against this doctor in Philadelphia. H-O-R-R-I-F-I-E-D.

Performing medical services in a filthy clinic that reeked of cat urine?
Abortions given during the 6th & 7th month of pregnancy?
Severing living babies’ spinal cords with scissors?
Hoarding bags of fetuses in a refrigerator?
Transferring venereal disease from patient to patient b/c the instruments weren’t sterilized?
Saving baby feet in jars for no known medical reason?

*gags violently*

This man wasn’t a medical practitioner, he was a freaking MONSTER.

And what makes is so devastating is that he clearly preyed on the weakest members of his very own community. Cause ain’t no way in the world, any woman with means and options would elect to have such a sensitive surgery in such a disgusting, demoralizing and offensive environment.

There’s a special place in hell for people who are part of ish like this. And certainly I hope that man, his wife (who was his partner in crime) and all the rest of the so called professionals in the office -receptionist, nurse, anesthetist, whoever was there- see fit to make their way there ASAP.

Oh yeah, I want to put everyone up on this website,

A modern day national address book of sort, this new service has basically compiled all the public data available on everyone and created individual user profiles. Which in theory should be no worse than the white pages (remember those?)

Except, these profiles include EXTREMELY personal information. Mm-hmm… Think your marital status, lists of your relative and how they’re related to you, your occupation and bio, an estimation of your annual income, photos & videos from sever social networking site you’ve belonged to like Myspace (remember THAT??)/ FB/Linkedin, hobbies, etc.


So essentially, for a nominal fee of course, any wacko in the world with internet access can find out how much they think you make a year, who your favorite aunt is, where she lives and even get a Google picture of her front door.

You do the math.

I suggest you log on, find your profile, copy the URL, click on the Privacy link at the bottom of the page and get to opting out IMMEDIATELY.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I mentioned the site to one of my homegirls yesterday. And do you know, that shady hooker replied, “Oh yeah, I heard about that last week. I figured you knew. I already removed myself.” Uh, she thought I knew???



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