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Has it really been a month since my last post? Good grief, life is FLYING.

To quickly bring you guys up to speed on what’s happened since I last checked in:
1) I cut my hair- yes, even shorter.
2) I packed up and moved my entire life to Chicago.
3) I purchased my first flat screen TV. Don’t judge me.
4) I closed my very first issue of JET Magazine. It hits newsstands nationwide on June 6th.
5) One of my BFFs gave birth to her first son!
As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been A LOT.
Yet nowhere on that list does it say I’ve been out gallivanting in Chicago, meeting cute Chicago Bulls basketball players, getting the very much need daily workouts in, shopping for cute shoes or even enjoying the springtime sunshine.
Le sigh.
On the bright side, I am still super excited to be here. The work is extremely fulfilling and my co-workers are cool. Not to mention, I’ve only officially been in the city for two weeks, and my actual apartment for two days. READ: There’s still hope for lots of shenanigans (at the very least, some sun).
So don’t give up on the blog so fast. I have every intention of posting more regularly. But until I’m settled *looks at the piles of unopened boxes sitting in the middle of middle living room & cringes* it’ll probably just be once-a-week recaps on the weekends.
I miss you guys.

Hmm, so I was listening to the radio this morning and Snoop was on air promoting his new album, Doggumentary. And truth be told, I didn’t even know Snoop had a new song out let alone an entire album.

At first, I felt badly. I thought to myself, “DAYUM I’m getting old. I mean, how can I not know when a new Snoop album is dropping??”

So naturally, I immediately google the first (and apparently, ONLY) video from the album. And err-um, yeah. I’m not that old. This ish is just not remotely noteworthy. In fact, it’s kinda bad.

No offense my nizzle.

*shrugs & goes back to listening to my iTunes library*

Not for nothing, somebody might wanna send a prayer up for Pastor Grant Storms’ soul ASAP.

Cause apparently, the prominent New Orleans based Christian leader, who is best known for using a bullhorn to protest an annual three-day gay parade as “depraved”and describes masturbation as an immoral act, was just caught jerking off in his van. At a public park. During the day. While kids were around.


Talking about, the TWO witnesses were confused. He was just peeing in a bottle… That is, until whatever tiny sense of honesty he actually has kicked in. Then the hypocrite finally confessed to beating off.

I mean, if this isn’t just… typical.

*drops the rosary beads and walks away*

So I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about this new Adele album, 21. Took a listen to the single, “Rolling In the Deep” earlier this morn. Not mad, not mad at all. Will definitely have to add the album to the iTunes Library.

Speaking of music- I know I’m late getting the buzz on OFWGTKA but, Tyler The Creator and his single, “Yonkers” gives me LIFE. Sorta reminds me of the way I felt first time I heard Wu-Tang back in the day. But these kids are waaaay more extreme.

Oh and the video is dope.

*hops on bandwagon*

As if this weather isn’t bad enough, now we’ve got nuns in Brooklyn falsely accusing Black men of rape.

*sucks the back of my teeth CLEAN*

Apparently, Sister Mary Turcotte, who just so happens to be white, filed a false police report claiming she was attacked on the street last Thursday by a 6-foot-4, 250-pound black man.

The 26 year-old liar told detectives the assailant choked her, dragged her through the streets and left her unconscious in a snowbank with her underwear down and her breasts exposed. Mm-hmm, she was real detailed.

It was only after the manhunt kicked off, that the religious fraud caught a bad case of the guilts and admitted that she concocted the entire assault to cover up her sexual shenanigans with a bodega worker.


The bodega worker? As opposed to the bodega OWNER?? READ: The random dude who stocks the diapers on the shelves in the back???

*nosedives in the shallow end of the pool*

You know what… all that using your hidden sexual fantasies of being dragged through the streets and left in a snowbank to get it in with homie from the bodega is doing way too much. For her sake, I hope Gold helps her figure out whats really going on in that screwed up mind, while her ass sits in a jail cell for a couple of years.

Scandalous trick.

Ok, while you’re playing, this Mayoral race in Chicago is DEAD SERIOUS.


Shout out to my girl Leah, for putting me up on this news report from a recent candidate debate where former Senator Carol Moseley Braun goes all the way, and I do mean, ALLA WAY IN on a fellow candidate Patricia Van Pelt Watkins.

See, now if folks started telling the truth like this is NYC, Bloomberg’s shady ass wouldn’t even be in office right now. Real talk.


Lord forgive me but I cannot wait until Rahm Emmanuel has his turn at the mic.

*grabs the bowl of popcorn and pulls up a chair*

And in other loosey goosey white woman news:

Two cousins from Long Island, Melanie Spanopoulos and Giselle Penagos, got into a disagreement over a dude who accepted one chick’s Facebook friend request yet denied the other cousin.

As if even having an argument over a Facebook friend request isn’t petty enough, when Giselle (the denied female) found out that her cousin’s request had been accepted, she caught an attitude and refused to get into a car with Melanie. Well, turns out Melanie wasn’t having it. So this moron proceeded to hit her cousin with her van- TWO TIMES.

(Clearly one time wasn’t enough. Homegirl needed to put the vehicle in reverse and run that ass over again to make her point. )

Long story short, poor Giselle required surgery Monday to fix a broken leg and shattered pelvis.


Just so we’re all clear, this crazy bish ran over and then reversed a freaking VAN on top of her own flesh and blood b/c of some dude’s FB friend selection?

*logs all the way off*

First the blackbirds fell outta the sky in Arkansas. Next, tens of thousands of fish washed up on shores from Maryland to Brazil. Then even MORE birds fell out of the sky and a mass of crabs washed up on the beaches of the UK. And now, just when government officials have finally concocted a half-way plausible global-warming excuse for all these unexplainable “natural disasters,” a healthy sow just delivered a TWO-HEADED calf in the country of Georgia.


*starts digging underground fallout shelter with a spoon*

Hmm, this post is random. But bear with me, I’m a writer and therefore an avid reader. So certain things about words, irk the hell outta me. And I have to say, I found it extremely disturbing to learn that publishers have decided to remove all instances of the ‘n -word’ and the word, ‘Injun’ from upcoming editions of Mark Twain’s classic novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


According to The effort is spearheaded by Twain expert Alan Gribben, who says his PC-ified version is not an attempt to neuter the classic but rather to update it. “Race matters in these books,” Gribben told PW. “It’s a matter of how you express that in the 21st century.”


Okay, first of all, what the hell kind of Twain expert would actually believe that censoring the author’s work was the right thing to do?? The words that Twain used were selected ON PURPOSE and it was well written.

The novel takes place during SLAVERY. White people referred to slaves as niggers back then (and a whole bunch still do). Jim is a slave. Huck refers to him a nigga. AND??

What’s the confusion here? Why are folks pussy-footing around reality?? Because parents and adults don’t want to have honest conversations about this country’s embarrassing history of race with children??

But you’ll let them listen to hip-hop??


*sucks the back of teeth clean*

Wow, did anyone even know that a former NFL cheerleader has been missing for the past week??? Anybody? Anybody? Nobody?


Yeah, me neither. SMDH. Call me paranoid but, it really feels like folks have just been straight disappearing into thin air this past year.


And although her alledgdly abusive ex-boyfriend was the last known person to see her alive (of course), what makes this case super duper messy is that apparently homegirl was no angel herself.


Uh huh, apparently, Miss Congeniality was seriously in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. And wait on it… had not one but FOUR restraining orders taken out against her by different people as well- three different dudes and a chick.


Err-um, yeah that’s a lot.

So tell you what, I’m just gonna say a little prayer that Debbie returns home safely from wherever or whatever she’s caught up in. And hopefully, the new year brings her much ore peace and happiness than 2010.



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