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sometimes the perks are worthwhile…

Um, so I just got off a flight this morning, which is not news (more about the awesome trip below). BUT the fact that the seat cushion in the seat next to me was missing, is. I’m just unclear, are we going to have start paying extra for the seat cushions too? I swear the act of flying has become such a damn ordeal! And it affects everybody: passengers are disgruntled are the rising costs of everything ($5 water anyone?), the stewardesses are rude (on the way down, the stewardess got into a nasty argument with the girl sitting beside me because the young lady questioned the way she was collecting the trash. Next thing you know, ‘ole girl is threatening to tell the pilot that the passenger was getting smart. Huh? Like we were in kindergarten or something… bananas) and the security is just as ignorant as always. Sigh. But never have I seen the whole missing seat cushion trick. Air Tran, you gotta love it.
So the good new is: on the total last minute opportunity, I flew to Miami this past weekend for a work event and business dinner (ps, the former Versace Mansion is a fantastical example of how to live when money is not an option). And can I just say, radiant sunshine makes me a better person. As much as I love New York City and all the amazing people in it, I am sosososo much happier and productive when the weather is above you know, 55 degrees in the fourth week of May.
Just the physical act of being in Miami with it’s blue skies, warm breezes and lightweight clothing made me feel like talking to strangers… wait, I do that already. But you know what I mean. No mean mugging down in the dirty subway. I could genuinely smile at folks.
I don’t know, but the way I felt this weekend… this whole struggling to make it happen in the Big Apple might really be coming to an end for the kid.

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  • Calming Corners says:

    I totally agree about flying, we went to St. Croix this weekend, the transfer from Miami to St. Croix was delayed by 5 hours, on the way back we almost missed our plane going from Miami to Detroit b/c the other plane was delayed. and our luggage was busted and bent (can’t be fixed) and the airline can’t do anything about it!!! But… the trip was so well worth it.

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