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a psa doesn’t pay for bottle service…

Say what you want about Naomie Campbell but that broad’s got balls. 

Whether it’s throwing a cell phone at your head, exclusively dating old decrepit white billionaires, dancing on an elevated platform with no panties,or cussin’ out the entire modeling industry for not using more models of color, homegirl just doesn’t give two shits about what anyone thinks.  And I for one am more than happy to co-sign on the tomfoolery.

Which is why it makes perfect sense (at least to me) that after posing for one of those signature “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” PETA campaigns back in the day, homegirl is now the star of the Dennis Basso fur fall campaign.  And then keeping her response to the whole bruh-ha-ha real simple, “Yes, I still wear fur.” HA! Just like that…

Take notes.
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