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its good to be me….

So all in one HOTLANTA-fied week, I’ve been written up in not one but TWO really amazing blogs!  Aww suckey-suckey now… 

The first posted yesterday on IN HER SHOES, a fast tracked blog that’s dedicated to-and I quote- “Showcasing some of the most driven, talented, inspiring and let’s not forget, flyest female entrepreneurs on the planet.” Whew!  Ain’t that a mouthful?  We LOVE. Check out  that feature HERE
The second is a cute lil’ Q&A that just hit the internet this morning.  That’s actually on and popping at THE B-LIFE. Which for those who are totally out of the loop, is for and about those who choose to indulge in the best life in NYC and beyond has to offer. Get into it.  Feel free to check that out HERE.
And as soon as you finish reading, take all that warm and fuzzy energy and go buy my new book HERE.  This way, they’ll have a good reason to continue writing about me! 
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