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This video is priceless.

It physically pains that someone with this little knowledge of our country’s history is in a position to make decisions for the entire nation. Michele Bauchman reminds me of all the white people I know that still think and openly say things like, “Oh Mitzi, you’re so different from the rest of those Black people.”


Okay, I’m confused.

The members of The House of Representatives are going to spend the ENTIRE morning reading the Constitution aloud?? To who? Themselves??

Err-um, not for nothing I thought all that reading in a group, story time crap ended in 5th grade. What’s next? A pop quiz to make sure everybody was paying attention?

Freaking Ridiculous.

Now please correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t the entire Republican/ Tea Party ‘Take Back Our Government’ movement based on reducing government waste?

Yet this scheduled reading-that is going to require HOURS of paid work time-isn’t waste?


Yo, these folks are a bunch of flip-flopping liars. Riddle me this, if it’s really about mentally rededicating themselves to the true meaning of upholding the law then why not do that shit at an UNPAID weekend retreat… at Speaker Boehner’s crib? You know, as opposed to in the Capitol Building , when I’m not only paying your salary but also paying the electricity bill to keep the f’king lights on!!

Man listen… I can’t with the crazy on my dime.

I am so proud of President Obama for successfully getting the DADT policy repealed!! This is a BIG moment and he deserves all the shine for not backing down to the damn ridiculous conservative interests (FINALLY) and handling it during a lame duck session.

Take that, take that!!!

It’s still so crazy to me that over 14,000 military personnel were discharged from service solely as a result of that archaic homophobic ass policy! As if we can afford to be kicking folks out of the military while we’re fighting all these senseless wars.

*rolls eyes & sucks the back of teeth*

If you’re willing to put your life on the line to protect the citizens of this country and our freedoms here and abroad, you’re better than most of us (myself included). So at the very least, we should all respect your right to fall in love with whomever you choose.

The End.

Happy early Birthday to you-

Happy early Birthday to you-
Happy early Birthday to YOU!

So in case you haven’t heard, Wednesday the 4th is our President’s 49th birthday…. Hard to believe he’s still under 50 considering how much he’s visually aged since taking office. *shrug* I’m just saying.

So what do you think he’s going to wish for this year? The end of the recession, a stop to the all the oil leaks, a more cooperative Congress, world peace? Or maybe that man just wants Michelle to jump out a cake and one of those new 3-D televisions. You tell me.

Either way, I SURE hope this next year is a lot better than the last. Cause I’m not sure how many more apologies and appearances on the View I’m going to be able to take.
Oh and in case you haven’t already, please go sign his official online birthday card! This birthday boy needs all the love we can muster right about now.

Basic Hometraining Rule 101: Before you say something negative, it’s important to lead with a positive.

So let’s start the day by giving Sandra Bullock a HUGE shout out. Adoption, Oscar and Divorcing lame ass Jesse James? Homegirl is taking no shorts in 2010. Sure hope Elin is taking notes. And best of all, how serious is baby Louis’s side-eye game? Like,what? Straight out the N.O grilling the paparazzi like a rock star.

I am also L-O-V-ing the fact that not only will President Obama will be delivering the eulogy at Dorothy Height’s funeral tomorrow but he also ordered the American flags at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and all possessions to be flown at half-staff on the day as well, “as a mark of respect for the memory.”

Take that, Take that.

Yes, I’m really glad that I had such encouraging and happy news to help balance out the craziness that is jumping off in mid-west right now: As if Arizona wasn’t enough, apparently despite two vetoes by the State’s governor, the Oklahoma Legislature has voted two new and even more restrictive abortion measures into law. One of which requires women to undergo an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before getting and abortion AND the other prevents women who have had a disabled baby from suing a doctor for withholding information about birth defects while the child was in the womb.


But wait on it, the new laws are way detailed. Like the first law, requires that the doctor or technician set up the monitor so that woman can see it and describe the heart, limbs and organs of the fetus. No exceptions are made for rape and incest victims. Okay real talk, how sick is that for someone to have to sit through the description of a fetus? Although, I’m not really sure what the hell they’re going to be describing since its just a mass of tissue and nerve stems for the first six weeks (which is when most women schedule the procedure). So perhaps they’ll just be making it up as they go along… You know kinda like the Teabagggers and the Birthers.

Seriously? All fun and jokes aside, what country are we living in right now? Is this a freaking extremist Muslim country where women’s reproductive rights are up for debate amongst a bunch of MEN?? I’m so confused.

So when there is a sudden rise in the number of abused and abandoned babies on Oklahoma, what then? Are these same lawmakers going to sign up to start taking them in? Cause clearly the whole overseas adoption movement is going to hell in a handbasket. Exhibit A: the couple in Virginia Beach who are now suing the nation’s largest adoption agency for sending them another little blond-haired psycho from Russia. Mm-hmm…

Apparently, lil Roman started out as a vision of normalcy. But over the course of six years, he has threatened his the couple’s 5-year old biological daughter with a steak knife and a two-by-four as well as held her underwater in a pool. Oh and did I mention the multiple therapeutic programs that have ejected the future serial killer for kicking, biting, hitting and most recently, on his 8th birthday, pulling out three of his teeth using a pen cap, fork or spoon?


Oh and NOW that the lawsuits are flying, the caseworker finally acknowledges that when she had said the doctor visited orphanages to “see the children” and review pictures, videos and medical information that did not necessarily mean that the doctor had actually examined. Matter of fact, in deposition, the same doctor said he had not practiced medicine for years and was a facilitator for the agency, not a medical screener. Word?

Feel free to throw up as I donate my ENTIRE life savings to Planned Parenthood.

Wow, its a hard week for the Obamas, huh?

First Barack tries to hold his man ‘Skip’ down and winds up having to suck salt and have a couple of brews with a man that 9 times outta 10 probably didn’t even vote for him.  And now, it turns out that the soil in Michelle’s beautiful vegetable garden was fertilized by straight up sewage sludge.  Mmm-hmm… READ: every and anything you toss/ flush/ washes down our sewer drains.  

Just let me know when your stomach settles… ’cause the visual on that is a bit much.

Apparently, that damn Clinton administration used a sludge-based product to fertilize the garden back in the 1990s and the effects are STILL lingering.  So when the National Park Service recently tested the soil beneath the garden to see if the vegetables/ fruit could quality for organic certification, it discovered elevated levels of lead averaging 93 parts per million. Mind you, the EPA recommends that you do not even try to grow food in any soil that tests at 100ppm or higher. 

So um yeah, about feeding all the innocent kids in America a salad?  Yeah,  survey says, no thank you.

Raise your hand if you managed to get up at the crack of dawn (approximately 6:10am for those on the east coast) to watch President Obama’s speech in Cairo live? Yeah, me neither.

But since I was bombarded with opinions, reviews and commentary from the moment I logged on to the internet, I decided to bite the bullet and watch all 54:52 min online (My god, that’s a long time for anyone to speak continuously, no?).

Gotta say, I’m so not mad at Michelle’s man.
Not only does President Obama continue to be one of the most engaging and eloquent public speakers of modern times, but the man does it with a smile. He managed to take responsibility for our nation’s history of poor decisions (Iraq War, Guantanamo Bay, unjust discrimination against Muslims) while still making it clear that any and every damn body can get it if they mess with the US.

Uh-huh, I see you moving and shaking Barack… Do it. Check it out for yourself HERE.

Damn Elizabeth Edwards! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about your husband’s affair, mistress and the illegitimate daughter he now has??

Seriously, how many years has it been since the former Senator John Edwards dropped outta the presidential race because his mistress came forward with his love child? And his ole girl still ain’t ready to let it go?? Hmm, guess the answer to that question would be a resounding HELL NAW since she’s written an entire book about her husband’s messy extra-marital affair and how it basically obliterated his entire political career (under the guise of being an inspirational self-help guide, of course).

But wait on it… now she’s making rounds in TIME magazine and on Oprah’s couch to throw John even further under the bus; I mean, promote her new project. Hee-hee. Talking about, “I’ve seen a picture of the baby. I have no idea. It doesn’t look like my children, but I don’t have any idea.” Um, did she just call that woman’s child, IT???

Damn, that’s cold.

On the forreal, forreal, I feel horribly for Elizabeth Edwards. I can’t imagine what it must be like to discover that your husband is cheating on you with some no-count, golddigging, bottle-blonde while you’re trying to beat breast cancer. And then the whole messy situation is played out in the headlines? Yikes, no thank you.

But not for nothing… if she’s still so pissed, why stay? White woman in distress, don’t you know the whole world belongs to you? Pack yo shit, get your child and bounce. Otherwise ma, go sit down. Whatever you do, please stop hatin’ on the side-piece- it just make you look bitter. And Lord knows you already look like the cryptkeeper besides that man; no offense.

And the Obama momentum continues…

On Thursday, February 12, 2009 Captain Rachelle Jones (on the left), First Officer Stephanie Grant (right), and their two flight attendents Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway made history as the very first all African American female flight crew! The dope foursome operated Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 5202 from Atlanta toNashville and flight 5106 from Nashville back to Atlanta.

In the immortal words of Puff Daddy- Take That, Take That!

Okay I have to take a moment to shout out one of my friends that making the magic happen despite all the drama and confusion going on with this unstable economy… my girl Melissa.

After I don’t know how many years of talking about her love (borderline obsession) of beautiful lingerie and putting my cotton 3-pack loving behind up on to some of the best places to cop cute undies on a budget( anyone?), last Thursday Melissa’s e-commerce site Dames And Broads, finally went live. WOO HOO!!!
Based on her belief that women have a God given right to look and feel sexy each day (can I get an amen?), Dames and Broads is designed to bring affordable, decadent and wearable internationally designed lingerie to the masses. Read: for all ya’ll who are three steps above Victoria Secret but not exactly ready to part with La Perla cash.
So feel free to finally toss that pair of period drawers with the snapped elastic wasitband in the trash and step your sexy up. You know, Michelle would want you to!



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