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When I woke up and saw the weather, I started complain that it was still raining. But then I turned on the news (okay, really I logged into Twitter) and saw the tweets about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan. And immediately, I what? Shut the hell up. And I started to pray.


Multiple TOWNS- not a couple of houses or cars- TOWNS full of men, women and children were completely washed away in a matter of minutes.

*makes the sign of the cross*

Honestly, this is a helluva wake up call for the entire world.

My heart sincerely goes out to the families & friends of anyone affected by the tragedy.

Can’t believe it’s been FOURTEEN years since Biggie died.

I was at my girl Jakissa’s wedding reception last night and the DJ started playing a 5-song Notorious set. Believe me when I tell you, as soon as the first beat hit the energy of entire party shot up 10 points like it was back in 1994. You know those days when dancing for hours in 5-in heels didn’t actually hurt your feet until the next morning/ afternoon when you finally woke up.

But that’s what good music does.

R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Just a quick note to ask everyone to say an extra prayer for all the TWO MILLION people that will be losing their unemployment benefits as of today because our government couldn’t put aside their differences and agree on an extension period.

Many of them are educated, responsible citizens with children who have been looking for work in a barren job market since 2009.

It’s not a good look. Seriously.

*stares directly at all the conservative Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party congressional members going hard while people go hungry*

Oh wow, George M. Steinbrenner passed away today.

Say what you want about the man’s personal politics and the ruthless way that he conducted business (i.e. that whole paying a gambler to dig up dirt on Dave Whitfield while he was still on the squad was a lot even for us die hard fans), at the end of the day- the man got it done. Out of a failed sports team and built a championship franchise that while at times may be a little messy (side eyes A-Rod) remains unrivaled.

*tips my fave fitted*

RIP George.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. How times flies…. And yet, 365 days later his death still doesn’t feel right. The circumstances were just a little too shady, 50 years old felt just a little too young and I will always believe that there was way too much music left inside.


R.I.P Michael. You were and continue to be the GREATEST.

It may not have the breathtaking panoramic ocean view but I gotta say, I am happy to be back home in the hood. Say what you want, but nothing says love like being accosted by your neighbor’s two playful (but overgrown) pit bulls as you struggle down the hall with luggage.


Clearly, there was a lot going on while I was getting my tan on… Gary Coleman done bumped his head and died, Israel is blockading folks in the Gaza, Natalee Halloway’s murderer struck again, Detroit Tiger Armando Galarraga was robbed of a perfect game by the ump, the freaking oil spills on and now to add insult to injury, Rue McLanahan a.k.a Blanche from the Golden Girls done passed away. Damn.

Yo, I freaking LOVED the Golden Girls.

Not for nothing, I’m gonna need another day to readjust to all of this…

So yeah, about that ridiculous City of Detroit SWAT team debacle that left the innocent 7 year-old girl, Aiyana Jones dead is beyond my comprehension this morning. The End.

This is the type of unnecessary tragedy that makes me physically ill. Like, I want to get back in the bad and stage a do-over on my entire life. Cause it makes it makes absolutely no sense. How can anyone honestly believe that this is the land of the free when clearly our most vulnerable citizens are clearly living under siege??

To read that her father was face down in his own daughter’s blood breaks my heart while the actual culprit was in another part of the building?? ??And then blame the grandmother for this unconscionable decision to shoot into a smoky room where you KNOW there are children??


And, not for nothing, what the HELL kind of incompetent people are certified for the lead position a SWAT team, but can’t subdue an elderly woman without shooting her? Huh? *insert serious side-eye*

I’m just curious.. Where they do that at?

As much as I try to appreciate all the blessings I’ve received in life, it’s embarrassing to admit how many things I still take for granted. Today’s joint loss of Civil Rights Leader and Educator Dr. Dorothy Irene Height and Hip-Hop pioneer Guru is beyond tragic, it’s a wake-up call.

We can all do a little more to make a difference in the lives of people we may never meet.


*lights a white candle*

Even though there’s no such thing as a weekend for the self-employed, I really do love the idea of a Friday. Yep. Love ‘em almost as much as I hate psychopaths, rapists, child abusers. Blank Stare. ‘Cause I don’t care who snatched your teddy bear from you as a child, I simply will never have any sympathy for those who get off on hurting other people.

Today’s example: 24 year old Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes.

This wack ass white boy systematically beat and tortured his girlfriend’s 4-year old son to DEATH. Why? Because the kid had nightmares and couldn’t stop wetting his pants. Oh, that and he was salty because the little boy’s father refused to pay child support so it ‘became his burden.’ (As if this illiterate fool had a real job. Apparently, he sold drugs out of their apartment for a living)


You know, I think we can all pretty much agree that Brandon and the mother need to go have a seat in an electric sometime very soon. Cause I simply behooves me how any woman could continue to willing live with a man that’s beating your own flesh and blood so viciously that he winds up brain dead. So perhaps, a quick trip back to God will help you do better on the next go round. I’m just saying.

But not for nothing, I think there’s definitely something to be said about the unnamed dead beat dad as well. I wonder if men realize that when they walk away from their kids they leave them susceptible to this type of abuse. Like, even if you wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the mother, its still your baby. How can you show such a complete disregard for your own offspring? I just don’t get it…

How are you gonna live with yourself knowing that this creep used your lack of character and responsibility to MURDER your own son?

Good luck.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess that I am tired. For various reasons- none worth discussing or even remembering-I haven’t gotten enough sleep over the past couple of days. So my ability to stomach the crazy is dangerously low.

Needless to say, when I read the Reuters headline: ‘Seal Meat to Be on Menu at Canadian Parliament‘ something TOLD me to mind my business and not click the link… You know I clicked, right? Sigh.
The devil is a busy man.

It seems that Canada’s Conservative government has decided to demonstrate their OPPOSITION to the European Union’s ban on the imports of seal products and the annual seal hunt- which takes place from March to April and involves killing the helpless seals by shooting them or a hit over the head with a spiked club called a hakapik- by serving seal meat in the parliamentary restaurant today. The ban was imposed last July on the grounds that the hunt is inhumane. Uh, ya think?

*dead fish eyes*

Just so I’m clear- Canada is supposed to be this big ‘ole country full of humanitarians and peaceful people, correct? YET they co-sign on murdering defenseless animals by knockin’ them upside the head with a spiked club? And you not only co-sign, but you go so far as to put the meat on your lunch menu? Yeah, okay…

Sounds like the same shady grass that grows here in the US.
I’m so sure there’s a warm seat in hell for folks that do stuff that this. By all means, please feel free to make yourself comfortable.



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