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It’s that’s time again (drum roll, please)…..
The latest installment in my Essence Magazine certified, Publisher’s Weekly praised, African American Literature Award nominated teen series HOTLANTA; IF ONLY YOU KNEW; is in bookstores nationwide RIGHT NOW. WooHoo! Yip-Pee! This is where the bottles pop and the crowds start chanting my name!! ;)

IF ONLY YOU KNEW continues the crazy, drama-filled adventures of ATL hotgirls Sydney and Lauren Duke- the ‘flyest’, wealthiest, ‘it’ girls Buckhead has seen in a loooong time. If you ain’t know before, it’s a page turner for all ages! If you watch The Hills, Gossip Girl, Baldwin Hills or any of the many scandalous young adult shows on television, you’re gonna LOVE my book. And if you don’t, you still love me and that should be more than enough.
So seriously, what I really, really, really need you do is, run, not walk or stroll to your nearest bookstore and purchase your copies IMMEDIATELY-one for you, your mom/aunt/sister/baby cousin and the closest teenager in your life. And then puh-lease, TELL SOMEBODY I DON’T KNOW to buy a copy. At $8.99 a pop, its the perfect birthday/ holiday/ everyday gift.

And if you’re caught up inthe gas crisis, by all means, make your purchase online at amazon. Every sale counts, not to mention there’s a free shipping incentive going on RIGHT NOW:

Keep it real, don’t you like being able to say you know an author who’s at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list? Wouldn’t you like to see me sitting on Oprah’s couch talking smack?? Well if you support my books, that very well might happen. But if you don’t… what you’re gonna be saying is, I KNEW a writer who is now break dancing for dollars at the 34th Street/ Herald Square subway station.
And nobody wants that, right?

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