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knew I should’ve gotten that pedi…

Ever have those days when you doing so much it feels like your feet barely touch the ground? Yet your brain feels soooo slow? Well that’s how this entire past week has been. But let me keep it to myself, nowadays there are plenty of folks who wish they had anything to do besides sitting home.

This morning I was a guest on the Food Network Show, ‘Food Detectives’ featuring Ted Allen. Sounds like fun, right? All the way up until the point where I realized that I would have to be up and out of the crib by 7.15am! Good lord, I am so not a morning person. So if any of you see me looking a tad crazy on air, this is my big disclaimer- can’t nothing good come out of me trying to get dress and do my own hair and make-up before 8am!
Just FYI, the show is airing sometime this spring. Read: I can’t tell you the exact day or time. But I will tell you that I’m barefoot in a kiddie pool…

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