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I woke up this morning feeling kinda funky. Not in the literal- you ain’t wash yo bootie/ brush the teeth- way. It was more emotional. Like very much fussy and sad, you know? So my knee jerk reaction was to cast blame on the crappy weather and neverending clutter in my apartment. So to ward off the blues, I immediately set about cleaning up. And I cleaned from the kitchen on back, deadline be damned, I cleaned my house today. And still, the funkiness remained.

Then I happened to gance at my calendar and it all came together. This weekend is the Atlanta Classic!! Where my illustrious alma mater Florida A&M University (the dopest HBCU in the country) will be whooping all up on Tennessee State University like a red-headed stepchild while all my old ass college friends will be simultaneously getting drunk and actin’ up like it’s still 1997 up in that piece. Cause we what? Bleed Orange and Green! And when it’s all said and done- ain’t no party like a FAMU party!!!

I on the other hand, will be stuck here in New York City, trying to earn a living and keep the lights on. Sigh, sure hope the homies remember to pour a little liquor out for the kid. I got you next year!
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