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First the blackbirds fell outta the sky in Arkansas. Next, tens of thousands of fish washed up on shores from Maryland to Brazil. Then even MORE birds fell out of the sky and a mass of crabs washed up on the beaches of the UK. And now, just when government officials have finally concocted a half-way plausible global-warming excuse for all these unexplainable “natural disasters,” a healthy sow just delivered a TWO-HEADED calf in the country of Georgia.


*starts digging underground fallout shelter with a spoon*
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  • Redbonegirl97 says:

    And the Apocalypse begins. Take shelter.<br /><br />Peace, Love and Chocolate<br />Tiffany

  • Anonymous says:

    The end of the Mayan calendar is approaching – thought it was just an entertaining movie, but im going to start digging with you! There were actually MILLIONS of dead fish in Brazil. And they are trying to say it has just been too cold – that doesn&#39;t explain the animal casualties in the southern hemisphere. <br /><br />-Nicole w

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