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Ok, while you’re playing, this Mayoral race in Chicago is DEAD SERIOUS.


Shout out to my girl Leah, for putting me up on this news report from a recent candidate debate where former Senator Carol Moseley Braun goes all the way, and I do mean, ALLA WAY IN on a fellow candidate Patricia Van Pelt Watkins.

See, now if folks started telling the truth like this is NYC, Bloomberg’s shady ass wouldn’t even be in office right now. Real talk.


Lord forgive me but I cannot wait until Rahm Emmanuel has his turn at the mic.

*grabs the bowl of popcorn and pulls up a chair*

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  • Tracee Loran says:

    Yeah, that's how we get down in the Chi. That race is no joke. That Daleys have held it down for so many decades that when Lil' Day Day decided to call it quits, it was like throwing up crack vials in a rehab center. Probably not the best analogy in this case, huh? But C.M.B. been around for a minute, so she's not gon' take anything lying down. Dayum!

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