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I‘ll admit, with all the bi-partisan pacifying and Republican ass kissing, Team Obama was truly working my last nerves these past couple of weeks. Yeah, I said it.

But after taking the time to read last night’s State of the Union this morning (I was out to dinner with one of the BFFs last night), it’s safe to say my unabashed crush on President continues… Sigh.

In fact, I’m in such an upbeat mood, I won’t ruin it by getting mired down in all the grisly details of the psycho illegal Chinese immigrant who repeated stalked the owner of a temporary employment agency, attacked with a hammer & knife, killed and ripped out her heart and lungs when the poor woman couldn’t find him a job.

Mind you, dude had already been sent to El Paso, Tex., for deportation proceedings four years ago for attacking the same woman. But instead of immediately throwing Huang Chen out of the country, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put him on supervised release and let him come back to NYC. *blank stare* Mmm-hmm, while ya’ll worrying about some Mexicans who just wanna do yard work and take care of their families…

No. No sir, I WILL NOT give in to the dark side today (But feel free to read all about it here).

And let me say this- I sure hope all the Republicans and fake ass ‘conservative’ Democrats that were sitting their rolling there eyes and throwing shade as Barack implored them to create more jobs get wind of this tragedy. ‘Cause times are hard on the boulevard and I assure you, the madness is not going to stop till folks catch a break.

Wow, so are we really not going to have the Fox Broadcasting channel in 2010? ‘Cause from the sounds of things, Time Warner is not budging on this whole price hike situation. Can’t say I’m mad. I’m extremely tired of paying outrageous prices for cable when I don’t really enjoy half of the shows on television. And truth be told, I can’t even name a show on Fox besides 24 and Family Guy (or is that on the CW) that is worth talking about.

Times are tough, go hard.

Speaking of going hard, DAYUM Teddy! How you smacking your 18 year-old daughter upside the head with a freaking Guitar Hero guitar?? And then wait on it… your old unapologetic ass goes and tweets that “you’d do it again”? *EPIC Fail*

Be clear: I don’t have problem the first with him laying into her ass (even if she is 18 years-old). The way my sister and I were raised, if you chose to live at home after graduating from high school, you could and would catch a bad one if and whenever you popped off at the mouth.

Like Elsa told me, “Don’t like it? Think you too grown for the beat down? Then by all means, move the hell out.”

And take my word for it- she was NOT playing. I caught my last bad one at 21 when I came home from school for Xmas break. Yeah, you read that correctly, 2-1. And I ain’t never, ever forget that ‘ish either! Sigh. God bless my Panamanian mother’s heart…

So no, my issue is not with the whooping. It’s with him using the guitar. I’m just saying… Were there no leather belts, extension cords, wooden spoons, plastic spatulas within in arms reach? Oh and please don’t sleep on how much an unexpected pop-pop to the mouth (hard enough to stun but not enough to bloody) can do for a smart mouth or a bad attitude. Mmm-hmm…

And the crazy keeps coming… Don’t ask me how I missed this story BUT it seems that earlier this year the police in England were on the hunt for a-and I quote- ‘sniffing pervert.’ Uh-huh, you read that correctly.

Apparently this grown ass man was/is stalking a 20 year-old stock boy at a grocery store in Plymouth Divine, England. And by “stalking,” what he does is hang around the grocery store aisle where dude is working and when the kid isn’t paying attention, the pervert will get really close and sniff the boy’s booty…. a lot.
But wait on it… This wasn’t an isolated incident. Allegedly, this man has come into the store at least twice to get his whiff on. *Dead Fish Eyes*

Okay forreal, forreal, fetish be damned who does this???? And perhaps the bigger question is, why didn’t any of the other people shopping in the aisle say something when they saw this man with his nose all up in this kid’s arse?

‘Cause not for nothing, if I saw someone shoving their face in another person’s butt and then ducking away, I’m saying something. And no, not because I’m some kinda good samaritan trying to gain brownie to get into heaven. How’s about I just don’t want to see that nonsense in the same place that I’m purchasing my groceries. Like, Ever.

Okay, I know times are hard and tempers can be short but I’m gonna need folks to dig deep and find a bit of the holiday spirit. ‘Cause what we’re not going to tolerate is the disgruntled off-duty D.C. cop pulling a gun and threatening civilians because his precious red Hummer got caught in the middle of an organized snowball fight.

No thank you Detective Bailey. That is NOT what the tax dollars pay your salary for. AT. ALL.

Although on a sidenote: I wonder how those lil’ white boys felt having a police officer pull a gun and threaten them for no good reason. ‘Cause while I know it frequently happens to kids of color in the D.C hoods… Err-um, on the newly gentrified U Street is another story. Poppin’ off on them ivy league edu-ma-cated trustfund pinktoes?
Good luck with that.

Be sure to peep the video. $5 says dude is unemployed before the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Now before I go in, I need to state that a good friend of mine is one of the new owner/ exec producer of Soul Train Holdings, LLC. And I am very, very very proud of how far the show has come since the last time it aired. And considering that aside from the BET Awards, this is the only televised award show dedicated to “our” music, it’s important to support and encourage. Howsomeva…

Homeboy or not, there are a couple of things that I’m confused about:

- Was Fonzworth Bentley the most uninteresting red carpet host ever? No, forreal. The very sound of his voice was making my eyes roll back in my head.
- Please tell me my eyes were deceiving me but was the audience seated on FOLDING CHAIRS?
- When did Keith Sweat turn a thousand?!?!? That negro looked like the crypt keeper up on the stage.
- Didn’t Keri Hilson reading her thank-you list off of a bedazzled BB seem a bit much? I know, I know, she was probably still flustered from getting her grind on with the unbelievably sexy (and prob gay) background dancer but still…
- What was up with the return of the Hi-Tek and Timbaland boots? Mario, Raheem DeVaugn, Sean Garrett? Really? Are we bringing back to the 90s R&B thug look like that?
- Speaking of inappropriate throwbacks, why in the hell was K-Ci doing the stanky leg during the Charlie Wilson tribute?? Boo.
-Why does Terrance Howard STAY trying to sing to somebody? I’ma need him to focus less on his acoustic guitar career and more on not getting released from mega-blockbuster franchises.
- Which was worse, Robin Thicke’s porn-stache or those hot ass lookin’ leather pants?
- How funny was it when Chaka snatched the mic during her own tribute? Like, listen Angie I appreciate you trying and all but lemme show you how its really done.
- Is it really considered an awards show if you only give out 4 awards?
- Why was everyone from Toni to Taraji open-mouth kissing like herpes/ H1N1/ HIV ain’t real? Uugh, so disgusting.

Okay, okay, that’s all the flashbacks I can deal with on an empty stomach. Again, very proud of the award show itself as for the performances, eh not so much. But at least with time (and a bigger budget), that can be improved.

Fingers crossed.

Hmm, does anyone care about this alleged Jennifer Lopez “sex” tape that might be coming out? Wait, here’s an even better question- Does anyone remember Jennifer Lopez? *crickets*

Yeah, that’s what I figured. So real talk, was it Marc Anthony or Kim Kardashian that stole her life? ‘Cause its not like she was ever more than a wavy-haired big butt and a smile… No offense. I’m just unclear who are the “fans” that she doesn’t want to see her in these unguarded moments (apparently she’s filmed admiring herself in a bra/ panty set, being spanked and jumping on the back of a motorcycle sans drawers) to the tune of $10 million dollars. Feel free to insert DEAD FISH EYES right here.

Err-um, good luck with that mamacita.

So at the top of the month GAP finally rolled out their new line of premium women’s jeans- GAP 1969. Which for those non-fashion folks is apparently a very big deal in the clothing world because it’s the first time like, EVER that the company has changed the design pattern of the jeans… (feel free to insert blank stare with 3 blinks).  

Now truth be told, had it not been for the cute little monthly freebie situation, this info probably wouldn’t have garnered more than an “uh-huh, that’s nice” comment from the kid. But since a sample in just my size showed up at the door, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try the thing on. You know for kicks and giggles…

Well lo and behold don’t you know, the damn things actually fit!! GASP!  

Yes, as in, the skinny jeans will slide up your thighs, over the booty and cinch close without leaving that angry red ‘yes, I know better but I still want them’ mark under the belly button. Added bonus for those with height issues: the various lengths are on point; sparing us the additional$15 hem fee (shut it up in peanut gallery, pls). Can you say praise the affordable priced clothing God????

But wait on it, just to ensure that the recession wasn’t clouding my fashion sense (’cause the $69.99 price tag def makes a bitch side-eye all the $200 pairs hanging in the closet), I bribed a few of my girls with chips, chaser and a free eco-friendly Born To Fit tote to spend this Sat night testing some of the samples too. And survey says…  I’m not crazy, the Born To Fit campaign is officially a go. 

There’s more than enough spandex in the skinny and real straight style  to work for every size and shape (and please believe my crew proudly runs the 0-12 range). The weight of the jean is definitely legit (cause who doesn’t HATE thin, flimsy jean material). The various color washes are cute enough to wear to the club (LOVE the dark distressed look) or every day (you can never wrong with true indigo). And most importantly the back pockets made every one’s booty POP.  Which is all a girl ever asks for, right? 


This is random as hell but is anyone besides me tired as hell of Jon and Kate Gosselin? I swear, watching these two of them battle out their messy breakup in the press feels very reminiscent of high school. You know when that loud, sloppy couple get into a screaming match and fall out in the middle of the cafeteria and NOBODY cares? I mean, not even the guidance counselors who were paid to get involved?

It’s like first, Jon cried because Kate emasculated him. Then, Kate cries because Jon is sleeping with other women. Next, Jon will cry because Kate is going to take all the TV money in the divorce settlement and here’s betting that Kate cries last when all 8 of them badass kids (who look exactly like their flat face Daddy) require MAJOR therapy and at least 4 end up on a reality rehab show with Britney Spear’s sons.

Okay see now… 

I’m just as worried as the next American about the sky-rocketing costs of medical care.  Shoot, truth be told, probably a little more so considering I got the nerve to be a self-employed liver transplant recipient and whatnot. HOWSOMEVER, what we’re NOT gonna do is blame fat people for all of our problems in the 23.5 hour.  

Uh-uh, all these recent recent reports about obesity-related health issues costing the US $147 billion dollars a year?  No ma’am, I will not co-sign…

Why? Cause real talk? We’re all responsible. Those of who watched bedridden people get lifted out of homes with a crane and the lil’ Maury kids roll themselves on and off the stage every week like it wasn’t a big deal are just as guilty as the individuals who allowed themselves to become overweight b/c of sheer laziness and then developed health issues (as opposed to a medical condition being the REASON they were overweight to begin with).  Yeah, I said it.

Our country didn’t JUST become the land of the steroid-infused chickens, triple Whoppers and Diet Cokes.  We’ve been overindulging for YEARS!! So don’t get mad now that the babies you raised on Twinkies, packaged sandwich meats and watching TV instead of going outside to run around don’t have the slightest clue how to drop those extra HUNDRED or so pounds. 

Jesus be the government that put half as much energy into making sure folks have just as much access to affordable healthy foods/ information on how to live better/ gym memberships as we do a $1 menus/frozen dinners/ happy hours at the local bar. 

Maybe then, things might truly be a whole lot different.

Err-um, why is Ruby (my neighbor’s bad ass miniature chihuahua) pregnant AGAIN?  

Like seriously? Not for nothing, all that runt does is bark her head off, pee on my doormat and get knocked up.  She’s like the four-legged welfare queen of my building.  It’s too much.

So anyhoo, I go over to offer my congrats on the impeding births. Cause you know, rule number 1000001 to surviving life in the hood: do not judge. If you don’t think four dogs ( 2 chihuahuas and 2 pitbulls) in one cramped two bedroom apt isn’t already a lot, so be it. Have at it. 

But wait on it… don’t you know this hooker is knocked up by her own son from the last litter, Brownie!?!?!

Ruby + Brownie= a little bit of vomit in my mouth right now.

Jesus be the ASPCA because yours truly is DONE.



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