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These two were my absolute favorite Super Bowl commercials. Love the beaver’s subtle sign of solidarity. Hee Hee

I was searching the internet for one of the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl Last night- you know, the one that ends with the black woman throwing something at her boyfriend but it actually hits the white girl in the head. And when blondie falls out, the two of them run off together? OMG, that commercial was so funny, I woke up with a smile on my face. Unfortunatley, came across this video instead.

Um, yeah. Let’s just say I’m not laughing anymore.

Not for nothing, this ‘ish is crazy. Not only did they hit the kid with a patrol car but they beat fire out of him. For ATTEMPTED robbery? WOW.

I mean, not saying the lil’ dude is in the right. Criminal activity is criminal activity. But not for nothing, this is the kinda ass whooping somebody should’ve given Bernie Madoff or how about the white kid that shot up all those folks in Arizona??


I’m just saying.

Woke up extra early this morning so that I could get a jump on the Friday. Trying to get out to NJ to see my girl and her 2-month old bundle of joy (and baby poop). Now, normally the only thing I hear on the radio morning shows is Nikki Minaj and Tre Songz, but to my great surprise, Power 105 was having an old school moment with MOP’s single, “Ante Up.”

Wow. Remember MOP? Or any of the rest of the knuckleheads that were hot back in the day when hip hop did more than trick off in strip clubs and sit around imagining that airplanes were shooting stars for that matter? And if so, can you even imagine an emo rapper like Drake trying to come out during that time? Or worse, a freakin’ corrections officer like Rick Ross flossin’ like he was one of the biggest drug dealers of modern times?


Yeah, me neither. Le sigh.

*pours out a lil brown licca*

As if this weather isn’t bad enough, now we’ve got nuns in Brooklyn falsely accusing Black men of rape.

*sucks the back of my teeth CLEAN*

Apparently, Sister Mary Turcotte, who just so happens to be white, filed a false police report claiming she was attacked on the street last Thursday by a 6-foot-4, 250-pound black man.

The 26 year-old liar told detectives the assailant choked her, dragged her through the streets and left her unconscious in a snowbank with her underwear down and her breasts exposed. Mm-hmm, she was real detailed.

It was only after the manhunt kicked off, that the religious fraud caught a bad case of the guilts and admitted that she concocted the entire assault to cover up her sexual shenanigans with a bodega worker.


The bodega worker? As opposed to the bodega OWNER?? READ: The random dude who stocks the diapers on the shelves in the back???

*nosedives in the shallow end of the pool*

You know what… all that using your hidden sexual fantasies of being dragged through the streets and left in a snowbank to get it in with homie from the bodega is doing way too much. For her sake, I hope Gold helps her figure out whats really going on in that screwed up mind, while her ass sits in a jail cell for a couple of years.

Scandalous trick.


Last week Wednesday, THIRTEEN University of Iowa football players were hospitalized after a saturation workout that included doing a 100 squats and pulling one of those weighted sleds a 100 yards. All 13 kids (cause that’s what you are in college) were diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, “a stress-induced syndrome that can damage cells and cause kidney damage and even failure in severe cases.” Which probably means that even with severe muscle soreness and discolored urine the boys did more workouts until they straight fell out.


Kidney damage and failure??? Uh, uh. This foolishness is not okay. Not for nothing, every year about 10 football players die during workouts. Can you imagine if that was your child, relative or friend?

Ironically, at this very moment my girl Tomia is organizing a 5 K Run/ Walk on behalf of Devard Darling’s As One Foundation to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the death of his twin Devaughn. Dude was a FSU football player that died during a workout from the same exact ‘ish. Crazy.

You can check that out HERE.

But even more importantly, tell somebody.

Ok, while you’re playing, this Mayoral race in Chicago is DEAD SERIOUS.


Shout out to my girl Leah, for putting me up on this news report from a recent candidate debate where former Senator Carol Moseley Braun goes all the way, and I do mean, ALLA WAY IN on a fellow candidate Patricia Van Pelt Watkins.

See, now if folks started telling the truth like this is NYC, Bloomberg’s shady ass wouldn’t even be in office right now. Real talk.


Lord forgive me but I cannot wait until Rahm Emmanuel has his turn at the mic.

*grabs the bowl of popcorn and pulls up a chair*

Let me get this straight. A 13-month old baby drowns in the bathtub while his mother is checking her friends’ status updates and playing CafeWorld on Facebook? Forreal?

When I initially saw this story, I almost refused to click link. And quite honestly, I’m sorry that I went against my gut. Cause now I’m physically ill.

Not only did this little boy drown because of his mother’s irresponsibility and lack of good judgement but wait on it… This ignorant hooker has the nerve to try and justify her actions??

Talking about, “he wanted to be left alone.”

HUH? He, who? Since when can a one year old tell an adult ANYTHING??? Let alone, give me privacy while I bathe.


This tragedy was so senseless and preventable it’s just… BEYOND.

And in other loosey goosey white woman news:

Two cousins from Long Island, Melanie Spanopoulos and Giselle Penagos, got into a disagreement over a dude who accepted one chick’s Facebook friend request yet denied the other cousin.

As if even having an argument over a Facebook friend request isn’t petty enough, when Giselle (the denied female) found out that her cousin’s request had been accepted, she caught an attitude and refused to get into a car with Melanie. Well, turns out Melanie wasn’t having it. So this moron proceeded to hit her cousin with her van- TWO TIMES.

(Clearly one time wasn’t enough. Homegirl needed to put the vehicle in reverse and run that ass over again to make her point. )

Long story short, poor Giselle required surgery Monday to fix a broken leg and shattered pelvis.


Just so we’re all clear, this crazy bish ran over and then reversed a freaking VAN on top of her own flesh and blood b/c of some dude’s FB friend selection?

*logs all the way off*

This video is priceless.

It physically pains that someone with this little knowledge of our country’s history is in a position to make decisions for the entire nation. Michele Bauchman reminds me of all the white people I know that still think and openly say things like, “Oh Mitzi, you’re so different from the rest of those Black people.”


Dammit to all hell, is no junk food sacred anymore?

Turns out the mystery “ground meat” that Taco Bell hustles by the burrito boat load doesn’t even have enough actual beef to qualify as taco meat filling (which only requires 40% fresh beef) let alone call itself real “beef.” Oh and wait on it… apparently the rest of said “meat” is a combination of chemicals and random ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch.

*gags and looks directly at Latoya Scott- Brown*

We’ve got to do better people.



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