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bullies in blue…

I was searching the internet for one of the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl Last night- you know, the one that ends with the black woman throwing something at her boyfriend but it actually hits the white girl in the head. And when blondie falls out, the two of them run off together? OMG, that commercial was so funny, I woke up with a smile on my face. Unfortunatley, came across this video instead.

Um, yeah. Let’s just say I’m not laughing anymore.

Not for nothing, this ‘ish is crazy. Not only did they hit the kid with a patrol car but they beat fire out of him. For ATTEMPTED robbery? WOW.

I mean, not saying the lil’ dude is in the right. Criminal activity is criminal activity. But not for nothing, this is the kinda ass whooping somebody should’ve given Bernie Madoff or how about the white kid that shot up all those folks in Arizona??


I’m just saying.
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