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Slow Friday for the sensational news… that is unless you count lame ass Chingy trying to refute the SECOND set of claims that he’s knowingly had sex with a transsexual. Exactly.

Personally, I’m already too tapped out from the three hours I just spent on the phone with New York State Government trying to correct a commuter tax payment error (their fault as usual) to even bother to comment. Negro if you like girls w boy parts, that’s your business. Stop apologizing for who you are.

Hopefully, things will pick up over the weekend. Or not. Nothing wrong with a nice quiet weekend every once in a while…

In the meantime, feel free to get a little laugh out of this photo. Cause you know I did.

Sometimes there’s just so much craziness going on in the world that I have no choice but to block the most sensational sounding stories out.

Hence, why it took 5 days for me to actually bother to read the details on Jesse Shipley, the kid from Staten Island that died in a car crash & for whatever reason, after already determining cause of death; the coroner decided to keep his brain in the office while returning the body to the family for burial.


Mind you, no one would’ve ever been the wiser except kids from the dead boy’s school just so happened to have a field trip to said coroner’s office. And the genius examiner had Jesse’s brain in a clear jar with his damn name labeled on it out for display.

Yeah, you read that correctly. As in for show n’ tell.

Oh but forget about the traumatized kids who saw their friend’s brain in a jar and the family who realized that they had buried their child without a brain. The best part? Now the family’s priest who refused to consider it a “proper burial” without the brain intact. So the parents had to dig up the body, put the brain inside the carcass and RE-bury their child.

Now, when I tell ya’ll we’re living through the end of days…

*starts tossing holy water like I’m popping champagne*

Initially, I thought today’s post was going to be about Eddie Long’s 3rd accuser giving his first televised interview. Mm-hmm… *starts to hum & sway*

But then, I saw this story about Andrew Shirvell. And GOD.

For six months, this grown ass white man in Ann Arbor, Michigan has basically waged a HATE campaign against the University of Michigan Student Body Assembly President Chris Armstrong (emphasis on student) because he’s gay.


And when I say campaign, in addition to physically protesting outside of this poor COLLEGE STUDENT’s apartment, Shirvell created a website dedicated to “exposing” this child as, ‘a radical homosexual, racist, elitist, & liar.’ Talking about, “Armstrong has gone back on a campaign promise he made to minority students; engaging in “flagrant sexual promiscuity” with another male member of the student government; sexually seducing and influencing “a previously conservative [male] student” so much so that the student, according to Shirvell, “morphed into a proponent of the radical homosexual agenda”; hosting a gay orgy in his dorm room in October 2009; and trying to recruit incoming first-year students “to join the homosexual ‘lifestyle.”‘

But wait on it, in addition to his frequent vitriol filled updates he also posted pictures of Armstrong with obscenities written over them a la Perez Hilton and wait on it- swastika superimposed over a gay pride flag, with an arrow pointing toward Armstrong.

Um, where they do that at??

Mind you, this lunatic is an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan. So it’s not like he just graduated from college last semester and that’s why he still feels vested in the on campus politics. No. He BEEN out of college! He’s grown as hell picking a fight with a damn CHILD.

And then, the video? With him looking and sounding like a whiny, hatin’ ass, repressed homosexual???

No sir. I. Will. Not.

*immediately cues Willow Smith*

And so it begins… the attack of the adolescent R&B singers. SMDH. Can please tell what in the auto-tune hell do these little boys know about girls loving them down? Perhaps it’s just me but, why are they even on cellphones enough to be singing about this nonsense? Shouldn’t their little skinny behinds be in a classroom LEARNING some ‘ish or something?


Here’s the thing, I’m not mad at little kids wanting to be performers and singing their little hearts out- if it’s Disney appropriate. Why? Cause that’s the appropriate demo. But when you’ve got CHILDREN running around wearing deep cut v-neck t-shirts, pretending to be grown before they even hit the double digits, it’s a totally different story.

Were are they going to go from here? Songs about seduction? Um, no thank you. We’ve already got a rising pre-teen pregnancy problem in our communities. I’mma need their management to pull out the Jonas Brothers blueprint and get on that. Leave the gyrating in florescent lit hallways to Trey Songz, et al. Forreal.

Oh, and if somebody don’t explain the length of Ray-Ray’s damn hair… *grabs scissors*

So yeah, not sure about you but personally I’m not really trying to go see The Social Network in theaters. Not saying it’s not interesting enough to add it to the queue when it hits Netflix but as for shelling out my hard earned $12.50 to see a movie that’s just prob to make me feel like I haven’t done ‘ish with my entire life- err-um, no thank you.

Howsomever, I do think that it’s pretty fantastic that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 million dollars to the Newark public school system. Yep, pretty fantastic and right on time. Cause I for damn sure needed something EXTRA SPECTACULAR to help my mind recover from the leaked cellphone pics of Eddie Long posing in his bathroom like Demi Moore wearing head-to-toe shiny black spandex and a Kangol.


The Lord be coming through all day every day, I tell ya.

They say, a single look is worth more than a thousand words.

Mm-hmm… So, I’m thinking Sasha’s Obama’s laser beam side-eye at the paparazzi as the First Family walked back to the White House from church after this past Sunday morning service pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about greasy ass Pastor Eddie Long.

Cause here’s the thing: How are you going to be “one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement” and then get caught up in some ish like coercing young male Church members to masturbate you??

HUH, Eddie??

For those who are unfamiliar, Eddie Long is the same ignorant fool who actively campaigned (and essentially convinced THOUSANDS of the poor Southern people that are members of his megachurch to vote) for George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004. Why he do that, you ask? Because according to this psychopath, John Kerry’s willingness to even CONSIDER giving gays the right to get married was more detrimental to the future of our country than the PROVEN facts that George Bush blatantly lied about the war, was robbing citizens of basic rights and sending our economy into the shitter.

I can’t.

But back to those old adages… Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And I for one cannot WAIT to see this hateful S.O.B burn.

Lord… PUH-lease give me the strength.

So Bethany Storro, the woman in Vancouver, Washington who’s heart-wrenching story about having battery acid splashed on her own face by some random, crazed black woman was all over the national news this past week, finally admitted to throwing the disfiguring liquid on her own damn self.


Now folks talking about, “It’s so sad. No one understands why she did it.”

Um, how about this? I don’t CARE why she did it. At. All. That’s between her, the parents that didn’t love her enough and the therapist that clearly forgot to call in her prescription.

What I care about is how quickly she reached for the unidentified Black assailant card. Like really? Cause there’s that many Black women running around cold ass Washington state for her to choose that ethnicity for her attacker’s description? Bish, you’re exhausting. Eff you and the racist horse you rode in on.

I’m so thankful the police didn’t simply accept her story at face value and start rounding up Black women like it was the wild, wild West. Forreal.

And real talk, if the authorities don’t press charges for obstruction of justice, I for damn sure hope they throw her deranged, low self-esteem having ass in padded room until the end of days. Cause the world is crazy enough. We don’t need not another loony tune to be out and about with the rest of us.

I had such a good weekend! I swear, it was full of so many firsts….

Attended my first Fashion Night Out (copped the crazy hot pink lipstick that will be making appearances all fall/winter long). I finally visited to Six Flags/ Great Adventures where I rode on an adult roller coaster for the first time (so damn scary, I will NEVER do that again). Oh and thanks to last night’s extra uninteresting VMA show, I actually heard my first Justin Bieber (eh, reminds me of a less talented Justin Timberlake without as much flexibility).

Nope, I can’t complain at all.

Speaking of underage performers with way too much hype, I’m curious to know what you guys think about Willow Smith’s new first single, Whip My Hair.

While I’m the first to admit that the song has a great beat/ contagious lyrics, doesn’t it concern you at all that a freaking 9 year-old is the one singing these lyrics? Like forreal, homegirl isn’t even ten and she’s already talking about having “haters”? I mean not to be funny but ain’t Willow and her brother home schooled? Who hating on her? Listen… *sucks the back of my teeth HARD* That child doesn’t even have friends, let alone haters. So, what’s next? A song about her falling in love? At NINE??? I can’t with that image.
Oh and if nothing else, lemme ask you this: While all that sass is really adorable on a music record, is it gonna be as cute when your little niece, nephew and godkids start whippin’ their hair at you?


Right. Didn’t think so.

I’mma need Jada to try and find some age appropriate subject matter for her daughter PRONTO. Cause right now, lil Willow is steady reminding me of those nosey little kids that are always busy eavesdropping on their parents conversations when they should be playing with friends. And then, repeating back the gossip like they’re an authority. Uh-uh, too grown.

Love the Smiths as a Hollywood powerhouse but this right here is truly bordering on a parental fail.

Okay this is random as hell but my scanner hates me. I’ve been sitting here for the past hour trying to scan 3 raggedy ass articles that I wrote a THOUSAND years ago into a PDF file and it refuses to co-operate. I swear I’m about to jump out my freaking window… Woosah.

Now that i’ve gotten that off my chest, did you guys hear about Mahesh the tiger that jumped a 14-ft fence at a public wildlife preserve in South Florida called Jungle Island?

Mm-hmm, apparently, the craziness all started when one of the monkeys managed to escape from it’s own cage. After swinging around the food court area, the smart ass primate decided to go and harass the tiger. Well, I guess Mahesh wasn’t in the mood for the bullshit. And with a single running leap, the 700-lb cat cleared the fence (which is actually 2 feet higher than regulation height) and landed in the park with the totally unprepared patrons. But wait on it, the official spokesperson for the preserve had the never to tell news reporters that, “I know it’s hard to believe, but the folks in the park really weren’t in any danger. Cause the tiger is “used to people.” Really?


Oh but my favorite part? The folks in the video that hung around long enough to see the tiger wander around, brush up against a pregnant woman and come within 10-feet of them. Yo. Who waits for all that to happen? At the very WHISPER of a wild animal escaping it’s cage, I’m BOUNCING. Like, the Road Runner- I’m gone. Trust, I don’t give a damn what a tiger looks like up close. At. All.

Good luck.

I swear, I must have no friends. No, not a single one.

Otherwise, how could I have I NOT heard about Cee-Lo’s amazing new summer single, F*UCK YOU until this morning? What’s is it, the last freaking Friday of the season? Now mind you, I only discovered it by unintentionally clicking on some random side link on a colleague’s blog roll. SMDH. Makes no sense… Ya’ll bishes don’t care about me.

*looks directly at all my home girls and sucks the back of teeth*



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