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OMG, how did I miss this?? I freakin’ LOVE this white woman!! No seriously, I will forever have a special spot in my heart for Chelsea Handler thanks to this dead-on tirade about Beyonce’s performance at this year’s Grammy Award Show.

Girl Crush Proper.

The recession is a bitch. But I gotta say, it does bring out the creativity in folks. Check out this video short that a friend of my girl Reena made about her life as a recent grad called- ‘Hire Me.’ It is SOSOSOSO freakin’ cute.


Oh and by the way, she’s headed to NYC for a part-time fellowship at a film company in mid-February and REALLY needs a job. So if you can help, please do.

So did everyone see the celeb-packed Hope for Haiti Telethon? Really? Must be nice. Unfortunately, thanks to raggedy-ass Time Warner Cable, I didn’t get to see SHIT. Nope, not a thing.

But thank God I have friends. So even when I’m unable to witness the well intended tomfoolery firsthand, my peeps are more than happy to run back and report on it. Thanks Mali!

Exhibit A: Madonna

Let’s not even bother to discuss her increasing inability to even PRETEND like she can sing (although kudos on bringing in the big Black choir to serve as a distraction). I just want to know, What in the unholy-cut up and snatched back-hell happened to her face???

Why does Madonna look like 50 year-old washed out version Tila Tequila?

And my guess is that she just underwent this latest round of surgeries (yes plural), within the last couple of weeks. Why? Forget about smiling, if you watch closely (okay, not even that closely), you’ll see that she’s barely able to move her head from side-to-side. Not to mention, her face is still super shiny and swollen (hence, the missing cheekbones). Poor thang.

While I truly admire her willingness to come out of recovery to perform for the cause, I’m just not quite sure this was the best look for the Material Girl. No offense. Perhaps she should’ve just answered the phones…

Goodness gracious, it sure is hard keeping up with Demi Moore.

OMG, I think I just discovered who Beyonce has been stealing all of her recent leotard-clad video moves from.Umm-hmmm… Ladies and gents, I present to you- Miss Tandi Dupree!


Now if the intro doesn’t send you into spasms, please just wait on her little jog down the runway around 2:38 min.


When I tell you the fabulous Miss Dupree gave me LIFE on this dreary Tuesday morning??? Trust, I’m headed to the nearest costume store as you read this. Please do not be alarmed if you happen to see me sometime soon high-kicking and plopping down into splits at the drop of a dime on a corner near you.

You know, just for shits and giggles.

There’s a lot of information out there about how and what to donate to Haiti. Which is good but unfortunately, can be a little overwhelming.

For those who’d like to do a little bit more than send $5 by texting Wyclef’s non-profit Yele at 501501, check out community activist, writer and former Real World cast mate Kevin Powell’s website.

Not only does Kevin’s site provide a list of credible organizations to donate money, there’s a list of specific supplies that are needed (water, water, water, food, toiletries and clothes) as well as sources of information on the history of Haiti (which will make it more clear why this disaster is such a tragedy).

While the outlook may look really grim, it’s not over yet… get informed and please stay involved!

After a jam-packed weekend in the hot Barbados sun and a HARROWING flight home (which I will describe in greater detail later), I’m back! And just in time to properly celebrate Martin Luther King Day with a day of service.

So I, along with three of my girls will be forsaking our warm beds and joining the illustrious non-profit Hip Hop 4 Life at MS 424 Hunts Point Middle School in the Bronx as they paint inspirational murals, build bookshelves, cubbies, desks and mural benches for libraries & classrooms as well as pack food for those in need. ‘Cause not for nothing, at the end of the day, prayers are helpful but some back-breaking work goes a really, really long way.

Hope you too are somewhere doing something more to honor Dr. King and his legacy than scooping up the MLK Day sales… *dead fish eyes*

I suck at packing.

No matter how early I begin, inevitably, I will always wind up throwing the last items into my bag and rushing out the door with moments to spare-if that. So needless to say, I’ve only got about 10 minutes to gush about how excited I am to be headed to Barbados for the weekend to check out the island and attend the annual Barbados Jazz Festival. Fingers crossed it will be LOTS of fun and tomfoolery to report.

Shout out to Nicole for inviting me to the Rih-Rih concert where I met the representative from the Barbados Tourism Board Director. Now that’s what friends are for!

And while you’re waiting to hear back from me, please be sure to vote in the Mitzi Moments Better Booty in 2010 giveaway and PRAY from the people of Haiti/ Dominican Republic. 7.0 on the Richter scale is no joke and they need all the positive energy (and monetary donations) we can spare.

As much as I love making them, New Year’s Resolutions tend to be a big fat pain in the arse to keep…. ESPECIALLY the one where I promise to workout more regularly and eat healthy foods. Don’t ask why but somehow or the other, I always wind up on my couch scarfing down an order of McDonalds greasy (but oh so yummy) fries. Sigh. Those things are dusted with crack I tell you.

But this year is different.

And to prove how committed I am to once and for all achieving this lifestyle change, I’m upping the ante: As of January 7, 2010, I, Mitzi Miller am officially shutting down shop and going celibate until I lose these annoying ass 8lbs that have been hanging around my face and waist since September. Damn you Prednisone.

Mmm-hmm, just like that.

I’m officially on a mission to reclaim my waistline and get these shakey-bakey thighs back under control PRONTO. And you know what they say… if you can speak it you can achieve it. Mind you, I don’t know if ‘they’ ever tried giving up sex but we shall see.

Pray for me (and my libido)…

It’s amazing how quickly this year has flown by! It’s like one minute I was standing in the bushes (literally), freezing my ass off in DC watching the first Black President of the United States get sworn in and now I’m trying to figure out how many more hours of exercise I’m going to have to add to my lazy ass workout routine to balance the ridiculous amount of food I plan to consume tomorrow afternoon. Crazy.

There’s so, so much to be grateful for… Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Psst, guess what?


WOO HOO!!! Go Mitzi, it’s ya birthday! Go Mitzi, get busy! Go Mitzi, go, go, go!! Insert image of me grinning like an ass, doing the running man across my living room, as I sing an off-key Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday at the top of my lungs.

I am so freaking excited to see another year in the crazy world, there are no words. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my friends and family who’s love, support and positive energy helped me make it through. ‘Cause lord knows this past year was a helluva roller coaster ride….

*Dead Fish Eyes*

But you know my motto: I’m never mad at the stair steps that lead me to the life I’m destined to live.

So here’s to keeping it moving and all the wonderful surprises that await.



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