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Couple of things and then its back to grind:

1. Congrats to the LA Lakers! I am not and will never be a fan of Kobe Bryant but one monkey don’t stop no show. Like it or not, when it mattered the entire team dug in and managed to turn that game around in the 23rd & 1/2 hour. And not for nothing, Phil Jackson is one of my favorite professional coaches. So here’s to Phil and one particularly psychic Laker fan, ya’ll made the magic happen last night. Le sigh.

2. Vanessa Bryant and the bedazzled mini-Kobes were a lot. Like seriously? I swear her and them lil’ girls were down on center court faster than freaking security! Granted, we all know Mr. Bryant told her to have that ass front & center if/when they won but still… Can you relax and stop throwing cut-eye while that man celebrates with his teammates? Jeesh. (Lord knows, if the 1st Lady of the Lakers was African-American, folks would be calling her clingy ass all kinds of emasculating right about now. SMH. That good-good hair works wonders, I tell ya.)

3. Ron Artest is everything to me today. So proud of that man for giving props where it’s due and shouting out his therapist!! I can only imagine how much craziness that poor woman had to wade through before she got his mind on the right track. DEAD FISH EYES. Say what you want but maybe if a more athletes and “high powered” men (um yes, I put that shit in quotes for a reason) would carry their macho asses to therapy, there’d be less drama and confusion poppin’ off. Looks directly at Michael Vick, Kwame Kilpatrick, Plaxico Burress, Lil’ Wayne, Lawrence Taylor, T.I., and every fool ass Black man with a lil’ money and influence that’s been in the headlines for some extra preventable bullshit.

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT of the entire post:If Rajan Rondo is need of any type of extra-curricular hand-holding/ comforting between now and next season, puh-lease be sure to point that adorable knobby-kneed boy in my direction. Not now, but right now.


Err-um, have you seen Jada on the cover of the new issue of Essence? Woah. Homegirl is H-O-T.

Even more fire is the ‘Why I ♥ Being A Black Woman’ feature.

Like seriously, what a breath of fresh air to see such a positive cover line on an already breathtaking cover! And guess what? The inspiring opener was written by my fabulous & prolific co-author Denene Millner. All I can say is: if there was ever a question, here is your answer.

I know there’s a recession and all but take my word for it, it’s worth the splurge. Purchase this month’s issue of Essence. You will not regret it.

Another fantastic job ‘Nene!

So freaking excited! Today I’m going to be one of the esteemed featured panelists at the Abyssinian Development Corporation’s COLLEGE, HERE I COME Youth Forum! Woo Hooo, go Mitzi! Get busy! Go Mitzi! (insert image of me doing the cabbage patch mad hard)

So basically, instead of doing boring grown-up work, yours truly will be spending a good portion of my day at Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning & Social Change discussing the importance/ benefits of obtaining a higher education with 75-100 impressionable middle school kids. (READ: dazzling them with my craziest PG-rated college stories and totally bragging my behind off about how awesome it was to attend the BESTEST HBCU in the universe, Florida A&M University).


Did you know that AT& T and Verizon both support politicians opposed to women’s right to choose, that are pro-war and anti-environment?

Apparently, in addition to giving the maximum to McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, AT&T was a repeat contributor to Sen. Tom Colburn (R-Okla,), who opposes abortion even in the cases of rape and has advocated the death penalty for doctors who perform abortions. It also contributed to Sen James Inhofe (R-Okla,), who called the threat of global warming the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”


Oh and at the same time, Verizon was busy contributing to the Texas Freedom Fund, a PAC that backed loudass war proponent Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), who earned a consistent 0% from NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood as recently as last term. But even better, contributed to Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-Fl.), who voted against drilling prohibitions in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and strong fuel-economy standards.


Right. So just when I was going to complain about my janky Sprint Blackberry Curve that doesn’t allow me to have international access, how ’bout I shut the hell up and enjoy my vacay?? Mm-hmm, think I’ll do that.

Talk to ya’ll on Wednesday!

On the road again… Today, I’m headed to the D to celebrate the BFF’s graduation from law school. Woo Hoo! Sooo ridiculously proud and inspired. In honor of SPF making the magic happen while raising 2 wonderful little girls and taking care of a husband & home better than most folks I know- I leave you with a video that STAYS giving me life.


Words cannot express how happy this video made me this morning. The idea of a single, 89-year old woman popping off at the scumbag who kicked in her front door and attempted to burglarize her home in the middle of the night with extra, extra old school pistol… GIVES. ME . LIFE.

Good ‘ole Beatrice talking about, “I’m not a good shot, but I’m not afraid.”

Mmm-hmmm…You better get it Granny!

I went to bed thinking that I was going to HAVE to write today’s post about the ridiculousness that is the new VH1 reality show, Basketball Wives. I mean, how can the show honestly say it offers an insider’s view of the trials & tribulations that accompany marriage to a high profile basketball player when only one of the six participants is married. And even more importantly, I don’t recognize her husband at ALL (shoot, there’s not even a wikipedia entry on dude).


Seems like the show should be described as an insider’s view of NBA bitterest baby mamas, ex-girlfriends, ex-fiancees and ex-wives. Cause it certainly looks like the game got the best of this group of women. I don’t care how much money or plastic surgery you have, it won’t ever disguise that run-thru / over-compromised appearance of woman whose been used up in her prime and discarded with zero respect. I’m just saying.

But THEN, I saw the CNN news story about the latest beef between the United States State Department and the Russia Government. Apparently Russia is threatening to shut down ALL adoptions to families in America not now but RIGHT NOW. Why you ask?

Well, apparently some random white couple in middle America decided that the 7-year old Russian kid they adopted was some type of violent psychopath. Talking about the little boy had a list of people that he wanted to hurt and number one on the list was his American mom.


And so they what? Sent that little serial killer right back to the motherland all by his damn self. Mmm-hmm… just. like. that. But wait on it… Before putting him on the plane the adoptive father, Torry Hansen packed a one-sentence note in homeboy’s backpack talking about:
“I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself I no longer wish to parent this child.”

OMG, if this ain’t the damn storyline from Orphan, I don’t know what it is. SMH. Tell you what, I’ll take me a little knucklehead from the hood a million times over before I start searching for some damn foreign baby that can’t even say I hate you in English. No offense.

*starts tossing holy water like I’m popping champagne*

Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with auto-immune hepatitis As a result, my liver had completely stopped functioning. Basically, I was told that I needed a liver transplant IMMEDIATELY or I was going to die.

Clearly, I received the transplant.

But those eighteen months I spent waiting for an organ to become available were the hardest minutes, hours, days, and months of my life. And not just because I was unspeakably ill but also because while waiting, I watched fellow patients who had been waiting along with me, die. Yeah, I can’t explain what that does for the moral… Not.

But the thing is, once I received the organ I was so busy living and catching up on the years I spent dealing with the liver that I started to forget the scariest details of the ordeal. Like damn near everything. To this day, it takes my mom, medical charts and closest friends to help me remember me of half the craziness that happened… The human mind is so amazing.

All that to say, when I saw the commercial for the premiere of the new season of MTV doc series True Life, True Life: I Need A Transplant, I totally flashed back. And trust, it was not fun. Then, to make matters worse, while doing my monthly blood tests at the hospital last week, my coordinator informed me that things have gotten even worse for liver patients in New York State.

Apparently, nowadays New York State patients experience some of the longest wait times for a liver in the country- 26.9 months. That’s more than TWICE the national wait time. Honestly, I just don’t know if I would be alive if I would’ve had to wait almost two and a half YEARS for my transplant. Unfortunately, this increased wait is happening because 10 not even organ donors and 2) organs aren’t shared nationally, there’s shared regionally. Which means that if an organ becomes available in say California, a patient in New York will never have access…. even if no one is California needs it or is a match.

So you’re clear: Over 160 New Yorkers died on the waiting list this past year. Mind you, because of the existing regional system, nearly 1000 viable donor livers are discarded each year at centers with small waiting lists while patients in other regions remain on long wait lists and basically die.


While I’m happy to report that they’ve recently started lobbying for policy change (there’s an important meeting in Atlanta on April 12th that I may attend); we all know how slow that road can be if the regular folks don’t get involved. *serious side-eye*

So I’m asking everyone to take a minute out of their day, and contact their representative HERE

Since there’s no form letter or petition, I wrote a little something for you to cut and paste:
I know someone who was able to receive the liver transplant necessary to save her life. Unfortunately, because of the existing regional access system and new language in recent guidelines from the government in the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010, many others will not be as lucky.

As a voting constituent, I’m asking for you to help fight for changes to the system to include broader sharing.


I promise, this will take 30 seconds and very likely save a life. So go on and be my hero today.

*drops mic and walks away*

Normally when I turn to the Style Network it’s a lazy Saturday on the couch. As I lay around, flipping the channel, I’ll sometimes wind-up watching one of their many kitchy reality shows like- How Do I Look?, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? or if I’m in the mood for a whole lot of bobblehead-type action, Giuliani & Bill. That’s about it. But the other night, I happened to tune into their original series, Ruby. You know the one about 500+lb woman, Ruby Gettinger’s ongoing struggle to lose weight? And all I can say is O-M-G.

This might be one of the best reality shows EVER. I don’t know if it’s her heavy Southern accent or her extra
girly/ prudish ways (which seem so hilarious on a this grown ass now 350lb woman) but I am in LOVE with Ruby.

When she talks about wearing dresses to hide her weight (um, who hasn’t done that?) or being embarrassed to have her ex-boyfriend Denny who is like a personal trainer or some such nonsense see her wearing a bathing suit, I promise you my heart aches. And then, in the very next breath she’s being hilarious and making fun of herself and having a better time than most folks I know… Sigh. It’s fantastic.

After Sade, there are very few releases that I’m holding my breath for this year- new Jay-Z album included. But not for nothing, I am SO ready for a new Monica album.

Check out the video for her first single, ‘Everything To Me.’
I’m so not mad. Her voice is as strong as ever (which is a relief). Oh and her co-star, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson ain’t too hard on the eyes either… I’m just saying.

Anyhoo, what do you think? Let me know…



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