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why i refuse to go to queens…

Whew! It is good to be home.

Love LA to death but there’s nothing like waking up in my own bed and NOT having to sit in traffic for an hour and a half just for a simple 45 minute meeting. Okay?

Anyhoo, so I see I arrived back home just in time for the nonsense to pop off. Mmm-hmm… In what can only be described as a scene straight out of Law & Order (the original MYC-based joint NOT this LA spin-off nonsense), some group of fool ass jurors had the nerve and audacity to ACQUIT that sicko rape-text suspect from Queens.


Now for those who are unfamiliar, this pint-size pervert climbed in through the unlocked kitchen window of a waitress that he’d apparently been stalking, grabbed a kitchen knife and repeatedly raped her in her bedroom while her family was asleep down the hall. THEN, after he was finished, he asked her for her cell number so that “maybe we could still be friends.”


So basically, homegirl gives him her number (cause who’s telling the man that just repeated raped you and threatened to kill you and your entire family, anything but yes???) in hopes that he’d be stoopid enough to call and she could give his the number to the cops.

Well in what could only be described as a minor miracle, the genius calls WHILE the police are at the house investigating. And he even cops to the rape during his monitored conversation with the girl Talking about, “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Don’t get me in trouble.”


Yet and still, despite the recorded phone call admission & evidence from her rape kit, the irresponsible jury acquitted this psycho because “there were no signs of forced entry.”

Um, since when does a person have to force his way through an open window???

I. Can’t.

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