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It’s amazing how fast time flies! Not only is it already the first of November- let the official birthday countdown begin- but it’s already time for midterm elections. READ: Obama is already halfway through his presidency. WHEW!!

Now, I know that I don’t have to remind/ encourage any of you guys to go out and vote tomorrow. But in case you needed a specific reason to stay involved in politics and be mindful of how your tax dollars are being WASTED, here ya go:

A NY Judge recently ruled that a 6 YEAR-OLD can be sued over accusations that she ran over an elderly woman with her training bike.The little girl was 4 YEARS-OLD at the time of the incident/

No seriously. King’s County Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten ruled that a first grader can be sued.

I. Will. Not.

While I can certainly understand that the family of the victim, 87- year old Claire Menagh are probably sad and still grieving (apparently Claire’s fall required surgery for a fractured hip and she subsequently died three months later), but COME ON.

The lady was 86 years-old. She lived a long and hopefully happy life. Accidents with kids happen all the time. Are you REALLY so litigious that you’re going to waste taxpayers dollars on suing a little girl who wasn’t even in kindergarten at the time?? And this fool as judge is going to give you a forum for this nonsense?

*sucks the back of teeth clean & rolls eyes*

Good luck.
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