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entitlement & licca don’t mix…

And just like the basket of cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster the good times never end.


And now we’ve got Clarence Thomas’s ridiculous right-wing nut ass wife Ginny leaving belligerent messages on Anita Hill’s work phone. Talking about, “I would love you to consider an apology some time and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband.”

Are you serious???

First of all, who the hell told GINNY that she had the right to ask for an apology from ANYONE? Forreal, she ain’t nothing but a pompous, out-of-line, attention seeking 53- year old bish. I don’t know which of her fellow Teabagging homegirls put the battery in her back and that fool gassed up, but alla them hoes are dead wrong for this nonsense.

I mean, let’s keep it 1000. Ginny DOES NOT WANT IT with Ms. Anita. We all know her shady good-for-nothing, self-hating husband is guilty as the day is long. Okay? And even more importantly, this ain’t 1991. Ron and Nancy ain’t around to make folks testimonies disappear no more.

Ginny, you WILL get that lily white behind embarrassed if you keep up with the sheenanigans!

And not for nothing, it’s been a THOUSAND years. Why is she even thinking about, let alone harassing this woman? And on a damn SATURDAY afternoon? Um hello, shouldn’t you be spending time your husband/ family? Or what, Clarence left you home alone and forgot to lock the liquor cabinet AGAIN?

I mean, I can just see it now:

Ginny and her gang of bitter, bitchy, Lilly Pulitzer wearing, conservative Right croonies were sitting around in the manse, tossing back dry martinis like juice and complaining about why none of them were picked to be on the Real Housewives of DC. Next thing you know, one of the crypt keeper crew gets a little crunk and pipes up- “Yeah! Cause you know we got REAL drama! Shoot! Remember that trick Anita Hill, that tried to play your man Gin- Gin??” So then, Ginny takes another long swig before replying, “Hell yeah, I remember that ho. Matter-of-fact, I should call her.” And the ball starts a rolling…

Just. Like. Like.
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  • Eve says:

    WORD!!!!!<br />Just… whyyyy, Ginny??? Take that L , ma.<br />*I was confused for a sec cause you wrote Anita baker. I was like &quot;whaaaat?!?!? She is his side piece?!?!?&quot;*

  • Danita says:

    ha! not the Lilly Pulitzer…lol!

  • First timer on this deep-thinking website says:

    what are you complaining about?? I mean Mrs Thomas gave Ms Hill another 10 seconds of fame -someting she has been sorely in need of since her silly story about Justice Thomas was disbelieved and debunked 20 years ago. Heck, she may get a free ride now for another 20 years based on her status as &quot;victim&quot; here. That&#39;s what it&#39;s all about, right? Run to the FBI and the NY Times

  • Elita says:

    Girl, that bish left the message at 7:30 AM!!! So she rolled out of bed, still hazy from the night before, and drunk dialed Anita at her job before the sun was even up!! iCan&#39;t.

  • Vanita Applebum says:

    Okay, why does that whole scenario of Ginny and her girls getting crunk seem like a great sitcom. <br /><br />Clearly, I need a life.

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