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assed out in the most literal sense…

Wow. Just, Wow…

Apparently a top Canadian Commander (who frequently piloted planes for top political figures and dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth II) just plead guilty to rape, murder and stealing HUNDREDS of pairs of women’s underwear (mainly from adolescents & teens) during string of home invasion break-ins.

According to the NYT, 47 year-old Col. David Russell Williams, started the 2-year spree by simply breaking into his neighbors homes and stealing panties from the women AND children while the residents weren’t home. But then, he progressed to assaulting the women while they were home.

First last September, he broke into the homes of two women near the air base where he was in command, forced them to strip, blindfolded and photographed them. A month later, he broke into the home of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, an air force flight attendant based who had flown with him. The police said she died after being beaten and having her mouth and nose sealed with tape. Finally in late January, the second woman, Jessica Lloyd, 27, was reported missing. Her body was found Feb. 8.

Seriously? There are too many sick and twisted little details for me to even begin to get into. You should definitely read the entire breakdown HERE. But in the meantime, some of my most fave highlights include:

-he kept METICULOUS photographic records of all the break-ins, thefts and assaults which captions and all.
-he masturbated on a neighbor’s daughter’s bed
-he took pictures of himself- sexually aroused or masturbating- while wearing the stolen panties
-he stole 87 pairs of undies from the same high school girl in a single break-in
-this nutjob is MARRIED and living with his wife the entire time


So err-um, guess who’s NOT moving to Canada??

*both hands shoot up high in the air*
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