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I‘ll admit, with all the bi-partisan pacifying and Republican ass kissing, Team Obama was truly working my last nerves these past couple of weeks. Yeah, I said it.

But after taking the time to read last night’s State of the Union this morning (I was out to dinner with one of the BFFs last night), it’s safe to say my unabashed crush on President continues… Sigh.

In fact, I’m in such an upbeat mood, I won’t ruin it by getting mired down in all the grisly details of the psycho illegal Chinese immigrant who repeated stalked the owner of a temporary employment agency, attacked with a hammer & knife, killed and ripped out her heart and lungs when the poor woman couldn’t find him a job.

Mind you, dude had already been sent to El Paso, Tex., for deportation proceedings four years ago for attacking the same woman. But instead of immediately throwing Huang Chen out of the country, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement put him on supervised release and let him come back to NYC. *blank stare* Mmm-hmm, while ya’ll worrying about some Mexicans who just wanna do yard work and take care of their families…

No. No sir, I WILL NOT give in to the dark side today (But feel free to read all about it here).

And let me say this- I sure hope all the Republicans and fake ass ‘conservative’ Democrats that were sitting their rolling there eyes and throwing shade as Barack implored them to create more jobs get wind of this tragedy. ‘Cause times are hard on the boulevard and I assure you, the madness is not going to stop till folks catch a break.

Wow, so are we really not going to have the Fox Broadcasting channel in 2010? ‘Cause from the sounds of things, Time Warner is not budging on this whole price hike situation. Can’t say I’m mad. I’m extremely tired of paying outrageous prices for cable when I don’t really enjoy half of the shows on television. And truth be told, I can’t even name a show on Fox besides 24 and Family Guy (or is that on the CW) that is worth talking about.

Times are tough, go hard.

Speaking of going hard, DAYUM Teddy! How you smacking your 18 year-old daughter upside the head with a freaking Guitar Hero guitar?? And then wait on it… your old unapologetic ass goes and tweets that “you’d do it again”? *EPIC Fail*

Be clear: I don’t have problem the first with him laying into her ass (even if she is 18 years-old). The way my sister and I were raised, if you chose to live at home after graduating from high school, you could and would catch a bad one if and whenever you popped off at the mouth.

Like Elsa told me, “Don’t like it? Think you too grown for the beat down? Then by all means, move the hell out.”

And take my word for it- she was NOT playing. I caught my last bad one at 21 when I came home from school for Xmas break. Yeah, you read that correctly, 2-1. And I ain’t never, ever forget that ‘ish either! Sigh. God bless my Panamanian mother’s heart…

So no, my issue is not with the whooping. It’s with him using the guitar. I’m just saying… Were there no leather belts, extension cords, wooden spoons, plastic spatulas within in arms reach? Oh and please don’t sleep on how much an unexpected pop-pop to the mouth (hard enough to stun but not enough to bloody) can do for a smart mouth or a bad attitude. Mmm-hmm…

To say I was shocked to hear of Brittany Murphy’s death is putting it lightly. I LOVED so many of her performances- Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, Spun, and the list goes on. Real talk? She was totally a friend in my head. And despite whatever she may have allegedly been going through lately, it’s heartbreaking to learn that anyone at the age of 32 can suffer and die from a heart attack. *makes mental note to get my butt to the gym*

And I’d definitely be remiss if I didn’t also mention the passing of another wonderful actress who over the years brought a lot of laughter to my life- Alaina Reed Hall a.k.a Rose from 227. Apparently the 63 year-old passed away last week after battling breast cancer. *makes mental note to check the twins for lumps as soon as I get in the shower*

But I also ned to take a moment to send a special prayer out to family and friends of 25 year-old Euthisa Revee Renix. The pregnant mother of one suffered a seizure and also died of cardiac arrest while working at a Au Bon Pain in Brooklyn. The difference here is that there were two lazy ass NYC EMTs in store when Euthisa initially collapsed. And they absolutely refused to interrupt their breakfast break to help resuscitate her. Matter-of-fact, the two callous bastards advised one of homegirl’s co-workers to “call 911″ and then they walked out before back-up ever arrived. * makes mental note to light a candle cause those two are going straight to hell*

Um, raise your hand if you’re ready not just for a new year but a new decade.

Just when you think you really know a person…

An HIV-positive man in Auckland, New Zealand was recently arrested for injecting his sleeping wife with his blood and infecting her with the fatal disease. Good GOD.

Apparently, the 35 year-old man was initially diagnosed during mandatory health-checks when the family of four moved to New Zealand in 2004. Even though she nor their children were infected, the woman chose to remain married and living with the man. and over the next couple of years things were as fine as they could be under the circumstances. Shoot, they even had ‘relations.’

But in 2007, homegirl had a change of heart. She became increasingly worried that she might also become infected ($100 says that he was probably trying to have unprotected sex with her- mmm-hmm). Ultimately, she insisted that if they continued living together, they would have to be abstinent.

So fast forward to a year later and ‘ole dude starts to get paranoid. He is convinced that the wife is planning to find another man and leave him. Determined to stay together, he pricks her two separate times with a sewing needle laced with his infected blood. Can you even imagine?

But wait on it… after basically condemning the mother of his own kids to a death sentence the maximum jail time this self-serving psycho can receive is FOURTEEN years!! Yep, you read that correctly, 1-4. So basically, this nut job will be a free man at the age of 49. *CRICKETS*

Light a candle and let the prayer circle commence.

WOW, so now actor Nicholas Cage is broke too? Damn homie, didn’t you make over $40 million in one year? SMH. I don’t know party people, seems to me like this recession is kicking every damn body’s arse nowadays. Poor thang.

Speaking of poor thangs… What about Wendy William’s former sidekick turn solo morning show radio personality Charlamagne getting fired ’cause he allowed Beanie Sigel to air Jay-Z out?? Woah. Lemme find out Sean Carter can’t take a little criticism. Not for nothing Mr. Knowles, with all the other stuff going on in your life, you really shouldn’t be so thin-skinned. And if you ain’t bother sending ya mans/ former BFF a measly nickel or even a single word of encouragement when he was on lockdown, so be it. That’s just who you are. Claim it and move on.

Oh and here’s the million dollar question of the day: Does anyone really, really think we’re going to get anything interesting out of Rih-Rih when she sits down with Diane on GMA? Or even 20/20?

So while folks are busy debating Chris Brown’s motive for posting that uber: emo fan montage video of Rih-Rih and himself, no one seems to be talking about the 15 year-old girl that was gang raped, brutalized and robbed by fellow students in front of a crowd of onlookers outside her high school in California

Priorities people… Sigh.

Apparently, the little girl (’cause she’s younger than Taylor Swift) was leaving her school dance to meet her Dad for a ride home.  Before the father arrived, one of the teenage assailants noticed her waiting and convinced her to join him and some other kids in the school courtyard for a quick drink.  Apparently, was drink was drugged. And the rest is history… 

Now, I’m sure some folks are going to want to blame all of this on the issue of underage drinking. But forreal, forreal? Ain’t no alcohol/ weed/ whatever illegal substance you can think of EVER made any of the guys that I know to behave like this:

At least four boys raped and committed multiple sex acts on the poor girl while wait on it… up to 15 people intermittently watched (cause they would come, see, leave and go tell other people what was going on).  NOT ONE OF THOSE DEPRAVED BASTARDS CALLED FOR HELP.  The authorities finally found homegirl under a bench after someone who didn’t see or participate happened to overhear one of the witnesses reminiscing about the incident finally called the po-po. 

Reminiscing? Insert Dead Fish Eyes. 

We all need to pray for that little girl.  ‘Cause she ain’t never,ever, ever gonna be right after this.  Gang raped at 15 in front o f a live audience? Like it was 106 and Park up in the bee-yatch? No ma’am.

As far as I’m concerned, her family members have every right in the world to spend all the waking hour of their LIVES finding and torturing each and every single solitary person that participated, watched or even thought they might of knew something about that ‘ish.  Like on some real depraved SAW/ Law Abiding Citizen type nonsense. 

Yeah, I said it.

Lil Boosie Interview from Motion Family on Vimeo

Up until I saw this video, I had no idea who/what a  Lil’ Boosie was, let alone listen to any of his so-called music.  But thanks to this ‘ish right HERE?  Why, that illiterate mumblin’ ass fool in now my certified HERO!

And I’m so serious.  

Apparently, homeboy is headed to jail for 10 months at the height of his pathetic career/life. BUT instead of trying to be hard, he goes wide left and says exactly what I’ll bet Lil’ Wayne all the other countless idiots facing/serving time for the “you can take a dumb ass out the hood but you can’t the hood out the dumb ass 101″ charge a.k.a illegal gun possession is thinking: 

“Fuck holdin’ my head… And if  I’m lookin’ mad, look the other way bitch! I’m the one going to do time, fuck all dat. Put somethin’ in a nigga account.”


Oh God, so I went and saw a preview screening of the movie Precious (based on the book Push) yesterday evening at the Magic Johnson Theater on 125th…  All I can say is JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.

Mind you, I am a complete book snob (no surprise there). As far as I’m concerned, no movie will ever be a better experience than an author’s original version.  BUT, I gotta give it to twisted ass Lee Daniels, this ‘ish right here is damn good.

Forget about the graphic nature of the story’s content (extreme poverty, sexual/physical abuse, illiteracy, obesity), the mere visuals ALONE made me wanna simultaneously cry and vomit.  Seriously? Harlem has NEVER looked so dirty, Monique so goddamn deranged or an obese teenager’s skin so freakin’ SWEATY from the mere act of breathing. 

Call me crazy but there were moments when I actually felt like I was starting to SMELL the stink of greasy fried chicken and salty pig feet coming off of the screen. *Blank stare*

So while you probably won’t leave the theater feeling anything but depressed, disgusted and in my case in desperate need of a shower,  DEFINITELY go see this movie as soon as it hits a theater near you.  

Okay seriously?  This video looks like it was shot in third world country.  Certainly not on the streets of a major city like Chicago.  What in the hell? Where did these kids get the 2×4 planks that they’re swinging around like bats from? Good grief.  

My heart goes out to the families of all the kids- the one that lost his life, the ones that got injured in the brawl as well as the ones that are about to go to jail for the rest of their lives behind this tomfoolery.

Let the choir sing…

Hmmm, so while President Obama was figuring out 50 different ways to politely shank the Republican party in that amazing speech on health care that he delivered last night, apparently former NJ Net Jayson Williams was up in the State Supreme Court falling out and LITERALLY crying poor

Mind you, this the same dude who made at least $87 million bouncing a call around for a living. Uh-huh and now he’s talking ’bout, there’s no money and he’s broke. Feel free to insert blank stare with three blinks.

Err-um Jayson honey, I’m sure you thought that Obama was bringing the era of the lightskin man back but it ain’t get this far honey.  At. All.

Granted, $200,000 (which is actually backdated 6 months to March ’09) is a whole lot of money for someone who probably had to barter his left testicle to cover all those criminal defense fees to pay in spousal/ child support. Mmm-hmmm… remember that messy trial? And the unfortunate taser incident shortly thereafter? Sigh.

But dude, ain’t nobody tell you to shoot that limo driver and then try and hide the evidence. And at the end of the day, there’s only so much sorrow that I can muster for someone who lists not one but THREE homes and an ownership in a professional lacrosse team amongst his assets.

Yeah, survey says- no thank you.



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