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Okay, I’m confused.

The members of The House of Representatives are going to spend the ENTIRE morning reading the Constitution aloud?? To who? Themselves??

Err-um, not for nothing I thought all that reading in a group, story time crap ended in 5th grade. What’s next? A pop quiz to make sure everybody was paying attention?

Freaking Ridiculous.

Now please correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t the entire Republican/ Tea Party ‘Take Back Our Government’ movement based on reducing government waste?

Yet this scheduled reading-that is going to require HOURS of paid work time-isn’t waste?


Yo, these folks are a bunch of flip-flopping liars. Riddle me this, if it’s really about mentally rededicating themselves to the true meaning of upholding the law then why not do that shit at an UNPAID weekend retreat… at Speaker Boehner’s crib? You know, as opposed to in the Capitol Building , when I’m not only paying your salary but also paying the electricity bill to keep the f’king lights on!!

Man listen… I can’t with the crazy on my dime.
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  • Collins says:

    While leaving out the parts about slavery….Can we just not and say that we did?

  • Redbonegirl97 says:

    I bet that they read it and when it got to a part they wanted to emphasize they said it louder like Forrest said in Forrest Gump. &quot; I think you should go back home to GREENBO, ALABAMA&quot;. Then they stuck out their tongues, I am sure of it.<br /><br />Peace, Love and Chocolate<br />Tiffany

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