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So naturally as soon my to-do list becomes longer than Kim Zolciak’s ratty hair extensions, I immediately try to find creative ways to procrastinate. And this morning’s tomfoolery of choice was purging my iTunes Library. Why? Well because every once in a while, a girl’s gotta delete some worthless Lloyd Banks nonsense to make room for some even more triflin’ Key$sha crap on her iPod.

Don’t judge me.

So anyhoo, in the midst of squandering precious periods of productivity, I came across an oldie-but-goodie that made me truly reflect on the type of music I’ve been shaking my behind to over the years: The Ying Yang Twins’ single, Wait (a.k.a. The Whisper Song).

Yo, was this craziness really a chart topping song? Forreal? Profanity-laced lyrics hoarsely whispered by two men who I wouldn’t want to shake hands with let alone “beat the pussy up”? SMH. I Can’t.

*swandives into the shallow end of the pool*

Oh and the worst part? As SOON as I pressed play my hips involuntarily started to twerk a lil’ something. Sigh. I hate myself.

Lord forgive us for our questionable musical taste. We know not what a dope beat will do. In the name of trashy hip-hop, stripper theme songs & the come-up of ugly men everywhere… Amen.
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  • Nadiyah says:

    LOL!!! I quietly loved this song. Not for the lyrical content…let's be real!! That beat is off da' chain!

  • Eve says:

    LMAO! I was just shamefaced for liking this song earlier this week. my sister was givin me the side eye… *looks both ways and presses play. again*

  • Collins says:

    No BS I was bopping to this video on youtube on Sunday after I finished watching Stomp the Yard (pls don't judge me and did you know they made a sequel that went straight to DVD?). Did you ever notice that the dude on the left (no dreads) has an issue with his left hand?

  • always4evamoi says:

    i come forward in shame admitting to liking this song/beat as well hahaha. oh well, on to the next shameful enjoyment…

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