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eye on the prize & the crazy white woman…

So today is the first day of the Catherine Malandrino summer sample sale. Normally, I’d be dancing on table tops in eager anticipation of all the beautiful goodies that I was about to score at 40-60% off retail.

Howsomever, out of respect for my 2010 personal savings goal (oh you know, to have some sorta savings to leave behind for my kids when I kick the bucket), I will not be attending.


For those that know me and how happy those dresses make me, this is a tragedy that borders on epic proportions. READ: had it not been for the long, hard come to Jesus with my accountant AND my therapist, I’d probably put my damn self on suicide watch for the next three days.

*inhales deeply and exhales slowly*

Yes, it’s that serious to me.

Perhaps the only thing helping me through my self-imposed shopping fast is the fantastic news that the third season of The Rachel Zoe Project featuring my favoritest fashion bish of all time, Rachel Zoe kicks off on August 3rd. WOO HOO!

And wait on it… come Fall 2011, that neurotic lunatic will be launching her own fashion line including apparel, accessories and shoes. OMG, I DIE!

*the angels start to sing*

Whew! Okay, frivolous girlie moment is over, back to work.
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  • NewbieNaturalDiva says:

    This sounds too much like my situation right now! Let's pray for each other not to strangle someone if we don't get our shopping on! I went to the mall Saturday with my mom and all I bought was a Starbucks tea. So not me, but I was proud of myself anywho!

  • ms. hershey says:

    well… I don&#39;t know &#39;bout y&#39;all… but I&#39;m going to that sale if it&#39;s the last thing I do damn it!!!!<br /><br /><br /><br />i keed, i keed! lol <br /><br />be strong ladies, be strong. my eyes are twitching with the thought of running, screamind out of my office all the way to 18th street. UGH!

  • ~dIva mOm~ says:

    Did you write my short story addition here? Raises hands and chants yes I&#39;m a shopalcoholic who is in rehab so I can live something (although small from my teaching salary) for my mini-me. I just got a headache!! Lottery anyone?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just saw her on QVC and wondered if her show was coming back, thanks for the heads up!!

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