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money tastes better than chocolate…

So former Disney wunderkind turn washed up actress before the age of 25, Amanda Bynes went off on a little twitter rant this morning. Talking about how even though she’s “VANILLA” she loves “CHOCOLATE.” And she doesn’t care who has a problem with it.”


Um really, Amanda? Vanilla and chocolate? Sigh. Okay, in your defense I’m sure you thought that you’re making a powerful political statement. But how can I put this nicely… Sweetie, you sound STOOPID. No, really. And not because I don’t think that you enjoy having sex with Black men, I just don’t believe that if you have to announce it in a Twitter, it will ever, ever, ever be more than that- a f’ck.

In my experience, folks that have to make these kind of proclamations, don’t mean a word that they’re saying. They just want attention and generally to hear the sound of their own voices.

And surprise, surprise I guess little Amanda’s voice wasn’t as loud and proud as those of her publicists, the Disney reps and her all white middle-American fans. ‘Cause please believe that homegirl deleted that nonsense within 2 hours of posting. Just. Like. That.

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