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thats that deebo type mind control…

It’s so much easier to ask questions than to answer them… But since my girl D got all up in my ‘ish the other day about not posting the results of the weekly polls since like forever, I promised I’d get back on my job.

Okay, so here’s an old one that we didn’t discuss…
Do men want sex more than women?

26% said Yes. they just can’t help themselves
73% said Nope. As women, we simply control our urges better.

You know, I think it depends on the individual man. ‘Cause I have certainly dated men that are literally driven to distraction if they are not sexually active on a regular basis. And we both understood that if he wasn’t getting it from me, too much time wasn’t going to pass before he was on to the next one. Real talk. But quite honestly, that never really presented a problem for me… At all. So perhaps there’s an itty bit of dude in me. I’m just saying.

My thing is, once I’m sexually intimate with someone, I also need it to pop off regularly. As in every day. The time of day (and often place) makes no difference, let’s just get it in. But if I’m not ‘dating’ or in a relationship, my “urges ” are completely turned off. I have very little interest and in fact, become very territorial about my personal space. READ: I don’t want no random mo-fo all up under me. Shit.


So ladies, for those of you actively “controlling an urge,” how’s that working out for you? And why do you even do it? Aren’t we at a point in our culture and personal lives where if you feel the need to get broken off, you should make the magic happen. Of course, please be sure to be safe (condoms, 2nd form of birth control, absolutely no video, cameras or witness)You know, and then (like the properly raised individuals I know you all are) simply pretend it wasn’t you in the morn.

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  • Bad Birth Control Pills says:

    Birth control actually controls my urges for me. I have no libido… I think its a conspiracy theory.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good read. I&#39;ve been told that women have stronger urges than men; but they control it better. I guess you supported that statement. Maybe it&#39;s cuz men just ufck for the moment, while women ufck for the memory…<br /><br />That&#39;s just my three cents…<br /><br />Sillethoughts

  • Anonymous says:

    mitzi, you are so crazy!<br /><br />for the most part, i agree with you. but forreal, forreal, if you ever have been treated with testosterone (i.e. cream), you&#39;d understand why men are SOOOO distracted. extra testosterone will make you go crazy. and they have extra. imagine that urge, at its peak, everyday, all the time. it&#39;s not so much about controling our urges because that urge is

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