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Aside from my steadily growing girl crush on Lady Gaga, there’s not much about today’s music that raises an eyebrow from me anymore. It all seems like one long song about a guy who’s either trying to get to get his girl back after a long list of offenses or trying to pour champagne down the next chick’s throat on her birthday. *Dead Fish Eyes* That is up until I heard about Ghostface Killer’s new R&B-style album, Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City…. Pause.

Er-um really, Ghostini? Really?

Mind you, Ghostface has long been my pick for the sexiest of all the multiple Wu-Tang members. (Um, don’t act like that fool wasn’t completely off the chain in the ‘Chercez La Ghost’ video rockin’ the kelly green full length and du-rag… No? Okay, perhaps that was just me and my proclivity for the extra ignorant ‘ish.) But still. As much as I want GK to succeed and be some sort of relevant, I simply can’t co-sign on the waxing poetic w/ extra suspect John Legend.

Yeah, I said it.
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