Mitzi Moments

Okay, so I’m definitely going to the movies this weekend to support my super talented collegue, Ava DuVernay’s feature debut, “I Will Follow.” Based on her relationship with her late aunt, the film has been receiving stellar reviews from critics, including my old school fave Roger Ebert.


Oh and did I mention that not ONLY did Ava write & direct, she also FUNDED the film herself?!?!

*standing for slow clap*

Oh and while we’re talking about movies I’m extra hype about, I cannot WAIT to see THIS:

“Like Water for Elephants” is my BOOK! And despite weird looking Robert Pattinson, I still think it’s going to be an AH-Mazing film.

*grabs the popcorn & starts to drool*

When I woke up and saw the weather, I started complain that it was still raining. But then I turned on the news (okay, really I logged into Twitter) and saw the tweets about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Japan. And immediately, I what? Shut the hell up. And I started to pray.


Multiple TOWNS- not a couple of houses or cars- TOWNS full of men, women and children were completely washed away in a matter of minutes.

*makes the sign of the cross*

Honestly, this is a helluva wake up call for the entire world.

My heart sincerely goes out to the families & friends of anyone affected by the tragedy.

Oh Jesus, may the fashion gods forgive me, for I have SINNED. Here is my confession:

Since the snow finally melted, I’ve been trying to spend more time walking in the fresh air. You know, as opposed to being cramped up in a sweaty subway car full of thousands of people with different (and often questionable) hygiene habits.


So yesterday I decided to go cop a new pair of walking sneakers. And at some point, during the 20 minutes I was in the store I noticed that the majority of the sales girls were wearing Sketchers Shape-Ups. Which strikes me as odd because of all the options at their disposal- Asics, Nike, Reebok, New Balance; these women ALL voluntarily picked ugly ass SKETCHERS? WTH?

So I pulled this cute little black girl who clearly didn’t require any shaping to the side and asked her what was really hood with everyone wearing the official Guido housewife sneakers. And she told me, it had nothing to do with a promotion or even toning up. According to her, they are simply the most comfortable sneakers she’s worn in LIFE.

I’m sure you can already see where this is going…

Next thing I know, my highly impressionable ass is trying them on. And I gotta tell you, that girl ain’t NEVA lied. Like my grey suede Uggs- FUGLY beyond words but feel like MAGIC on my feet. SMDH.

Needless to say, I am now the mortified owner of a new pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups.

*hangs head in shame & disbelief*

I hate myself right now.


Can’t believe it’s been FOURTEEN years since Biggie died.

I was at my girl Jakissa’s wedding reception last night and the DJ started playing a 5-song Notorious set. Believe me when I tell you, as soon as the first beat hit the energy of entire party shot up 10 points like it was back in 1994. You know those days when dancing for hours in 5-in heels didn’t actually hurt your feet until the next morning/ afternoon when you finally woke up.

But that’s what good music does.

R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Dang. Just finished reading the New York Times article about the 21 Catholic priests in Philadelphia that were recently suspended for sexual abuse of a minor and/ or boundary issues with them.


But wait on it… a grand jury report issued on February 10th of 2010 accused the Philadelphia Archdiocese of a widespread cover-up of predatory priests, stretching over decades, and said that as many as 37 priests remained active in the ministry despite credible accusations against them. And naturally, at the time the cardinal vehemently denied the claim.

And then this. A entire YEAR later.

Le sigh.

I feel so sad for all the victims who were put in harm’s way because the Catholic Church refuses to be accountable. Life is hard enough nowadays without having your faith in your religious leaders destroyed over and over again.