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not mean, just observant…

So the headline on the article related to this god awful photo reads:

Kevin Federline Debuts Girlfriend’s Baby Bump

In light of what a filthy, tub of lard K-Fed has become, am I the only one who thinks it would’ve been damn near as accurate (and way funnier) to say:

Kevin Federline Debuts Baby Bump

*barely smothers a giggle*

I’m jussayin.
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  • Lisa Maria Carroll says:

    Not mean, just obeservant…Why are so many women procreating with this man, errrrr, deadbeat?

  • goddessjaz says:

    I don't get it either! After seeing how he treated Shar and Britney, women still want to be with him? So he's an ass who doesn't seem to have any money to offer and it's not like he is wooing them with his dance moves or super bod…I'm confused.

  • Carielle says:

    Yeah I'm really confused about K-Fed being able to pull the women he can pull…and about letting himself get THAT out of shape when he used to be a dancer! (and not to mention went on Celebrity Fit Club, and we all know how well that works ;-))

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