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screwed up priorities…

So I’m going to skip right over Regis’s retirement announcement, the 300 dead cows in Wisconsin and get to the important stuff: the bidding war over O.B tampons on Ebay!


Okay, I kid, I kid. But don’t act like paying $79 for a box of tampons isn’t excessive.

Actually, a couple of stories caught my attention this morning as I was catching up from the long weekend hiatus: First, there’s the story about the Memphis high school where 90 teen girls are pregnant or have already given birth this school year. Uh, 90? All in 1 school? SMH. So much for abstinence, huh? Then there is the article on the Hepatitis C patient in Alaska who was charged with attempted murder for spitting on a nurse while she was trying to put him in restraints. Now, ya’ll already know how squeamish I am about germs & saliva… Can you imagine what this poor woman was thinking when ‘ole dude hocked a fat one in her mouth?? *shudders* But the most intriguing of all the headlines I stumbled across was the white guy who completely wilded out when his wife caught him watching porn. And when I say wilded out, I mean homeboy flew into a rage and straight stabbed her to death. Mmm-hmmm… But wait on it- after the murder, he proceeded to go to a basketball game and THEN call the police.


Like seriously? There are so many things wrong with this last story. First of all, why are married people still getting into arguements over porn? Its a video with actors. That he will never meet. Now, if it was a video of your next door neighbors or your kid’s 3rd grade teacher, that’s a little different. But some botox filled broad and bi-sexual man w a penile extension? So not worth the energy or worse, getting yourself killed over. At all.

And who in the trailer trash crazy goes to a basketball game before reporting a murder? For all that, he might as well not call at all. Just toss her ass in a garbage bag and keep it moving.

No offense.

Maybe I’m just tired this morning but the series of poor decisions in this situation is simply perplexing. Forreal.
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