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i like my fries hot…

So, it seems city leaders in San Francisco have voted to ban McDonalds Happy Meals because wait on it… they’re not truly healthy.


Yo, can someone please tell what exactly IS healthy in McDonalds??? (And puh-lease don’t EVEN say the Apple Dippers because once you dip the fruit slices in the freaking caramel sauce it’s officially candy)


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I swear, people K-I-L-L me. If you’re really that damn concerned about kids leading healthier lives why not put some of that time, energy and MOOLAH into making sure all children have access to GYM CLASSES, AFTERSCHOOL SPORTS PROGRAMS and CLEAN PUBLIC PARKS???

Or my bad, does that just seem too much like the right thing to do?


Commonsense beats an education all day, every day I tell ya.
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  • Anonymous says:

    HI Mitzi! I totally feel you but it's actually a ban on putting TOYS in the McDonald's Happy Meals, not the meals themselves. They want to take away the "incentive" for kids wanting them. I know, I know……….like I said, I feel you. But let's get the facts straight, ma'am. ;) have a good weekend.

  • Mitzi says:

    Hey Anon-Glad you see where I&#39;m coming from and yes, you are absolutely correct, they are banning the toy not the meal group. <br /><br />However, technically the toy is what makes it a Happy Meal as opposed to just a &#39;meal.&#39; So in reality, my post is factual correct ma&#39;am. :)<br /><br />You have a great week!

  • trilawney says:

    So by taking away the incentive (toy) the child is more likely to choose the Big Mac over the regular burger and fries? I see your point, clearly the special sauce and extra serving of process meat is the healthier choice. Oh and let us not forget that dash of lettuce!

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