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Okay, so you know I’m like totally obsessed with this whole Chilean miner rescue situation, right?

Cause the lord knows that I can barely make it through twenty minutes in an MRI machine without having a claustrophobia induced panic attack, let alone 69 freaking days in a dark hole with no bathroom.


Oh and, thanks to my Twitter fam @looseneck I’m really, really on pins and needles waiting on the rescue of the trifling miner who’s wife discovered his affair when she met his mistress of several YEARS at a vigil by the collapsed mine. Talking about, “she heard another woman calling out his name.”


I mean, can you even believe the audacity of this bish? Not only is she in an international forum laying claims to a married man but then she got the nerve to be out there carrying on and screaming louder than his damn wife?

When I tell you, 2010 is the year of the jump off?

And wait on it, here’s the BEST part: Apparently neither woman is backing down. Both the wife and the mistress have publicly vowed to remain on site and wait for him to be brought to the surface. And then he’ll have to choose. On international television.

*faints, regains consciousness and reaches for the popcorn*

Mark my words, SOMEBODY is getting their face smacked in on CNN before this is over.
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  • Caryn Reed-Hendon says:

    WOW! Seriously? I have that say that is an epic fail if I've ever heard one! I can't imagine that conversation happening right at the moment old boy gets out of the cage from being in the ground 60+ days. Hell, after seeing them both together at the mine shaft he might ask to be taken back down again! I'd hate to see what happens once he comes out of the cave, but I'm with you!

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