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peta shld be more worried abt this than my full-length…

OMG, OMG, Oh My F’KING God!!! This video is crazy. I am so going to have nightmares for days behind this nonsense. Real talk, I can’t even breath I’m so freaked out.

How the hell did this fool sit there and tape this attack? And he was there with his children? Are you freaking KIDDING me??? Please believe that I would’ve been snatched up my kid and hit the bricks from the moment I saw blood being drawn on the first bite.

Those poor men. I am literally shaking right now.

When I tell you that my kids are NEVER going to step foot anywhere near a damn one-ring circus in LIFE?!?!?!

Lord have mercy… I wonder what the trainers did behind the scenes to those lions that angered them to that point. SMDH.

*makes a sign of the cross with the right as I reach for a sedative with my left*

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  • Caryn Reed-Hendon says:

    I'm pretty sure Kat Williams is shaking his very straight hair on his head and mumbling to himself, "I just knew another tiger would go off and do this again! He was just waiting for the opportunity!"

  • Caryn Reed-Hendon says:

    And one more thing … how is the trainer still IN the ring? And walking?!?! Are you serious??

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