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the year of the downgrade continues…

And to think, I was worried that missing out on all of last week’s Oscar Grant and LeBron James craziness was going to leave me with nothing to discuss this morning.

*mails a thank you card to Terius Nash*

Sigh. Oh The Dream… Getting caught on the romantic rendezvous in the Caribbean with your slutty personal assistant? Really? Does it get more cliche than that?

I must say the images of Terius in his beachwear glory: extra snug pink-n-white striped board shorts, jiggly man-boobs and Buddha gut with the dark permanent side crease frolicking in the ocean with the equally sloppy body trick (how are you’re supposed to be the sexy sidepiece w the loosey goosey tummy & unflattering flattering 2-piece, ma?) for the all of the paparazzi to photograph sickens me to my soul.

But I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised that the Umpa Luma is this sloppy. His comments about Christina and their home life since she got pregnant have been nothing short of blatantly disrespectful. And that’s to say nothing of the ignorant first single from the crappy ass album that he released last week, “Make Up Bag.” Talking about, “If you ever make your girlfriend mad. Don’t let your good girl bad. Drop five stacks on the make up bag.”

Simple ass negro.

Granted, I’ve always thought Christina Emillian was kind of typical. You know what I mean: cute, marginally talented with some very obvious signs of gold digger tendencies when it comes to the men she chooses to date. *shrug* But still… ain’t no lifestyle worth this type of humiliation. At the end of the day, homeboy put the ring on it. Knocked-up or not, the two could’ve just co-parented if he didn’t intend to TRY to be monogamous.

Maybe LaLa and Melo were onto something by waiting five years to actually get married….
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  • Anonymous says:

    i bet the assistant had a better attitude and was more playful and oral than the other one…

  • Anonymous says:

    @ anonymous- the assistant is just available. don&#39;t try to make it seem like this is somehow Christina&#39;s fault. a wife could be the sexy, smart, sophisticated and throw down in the bedroom, a cheater is still gonna cheat. <br />This is about his sense of entitlement, and need to constantly ask the question- I wonder what that coochie is like.<br />Playful and oral my ass…

  • Daree Allen says:

    LOL at the description Mitzi… I don&#39;t see anything physically appealing either. And yes his song is stupid (we&#39;ll see if it actually works as art imitates life). But waiting 5 or 10 years with no ring is not something I can co-sign, especially since I got my own.<br /><br />I like CM&#39;s Twitter status earlier today: &quot;WHATEVER YOU THINK… BELIEVE IT.&quot; Did The Dream cheat

  • g payton says:

    Stop following these ethnic people and their tawdry affairs.

  • Redbonegirl97 says:

    Hmmm, we&#39;ll see how long Lala can hang on now that they are married.<br /><br />Peace, Love and Chocolate<br />Tiffany

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