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i hate his striped t-shit…

Well alrighty then… It seems that Gawker has allegedly identified the latest ‘hot new dance craze’ called Surra de Banda. Mmm-hmmm. Now under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t pay a mainstream blog like Gawker much atention when it comes to pinpointing a hot new anything that relates to people of color but as soon as I read that it’s a Brazilian dance and even better, the name translates to “ass licking” I was all in.

Don’t judge me dammit.

Anyoo in the interest of time, I’m going to skip over the back alley black sheet/backdrop, the purposeless pleather belt hanging idly around homegirl’s waist, the intriguing jiggly movements her saddlebags were doing all on their own and the fact that any actual dancing she attempted sucked. Because honestly, this post is bigger than this rhythmless fashion challenged child.

Instead, I’m gonna focus on one simple concern:

What kind self respecting man is going to willingly sit down and allow any woman to SMASH his complete face into her ass??


And I mean to say, homegirl is jerking the HELL out of dude and clearly giving him all kinds of unexplainable shoe burn on the side of his neck. And still, he’s just as calm and smiling… looking like a straight nutjob.

No offense.

Please believe, every time homeboy’s nose disappeared between her cheeks I literally gagged. I mean I’m all for some occasional aggressive foreplay between consenting adults but what if she mistakenly farted or some such nonsense???

*pinches nose and backflips into a bedazzled Walmart casket*
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  • Redbonegirl97 says:

    Girl all you can do is hope that she used Irish Clean or Zest, then aired it out and maybe even febreezed it, because I don&#39;t know any man that would do that and allow it to be recorded. He probably washed his faced with bleach.<br /><br />Peace, Love and Chocolate<br />Tiffany

  • GangStarr Girl says:

    LMAO. OMG I was in shock watching these on YouTube. Not at the women, but at the men. Anonymous ass all up and through your face? Really? It&#39;s like reverse daggering smh. *headbutts Mack truck*

  • g payton says:

    what in the Proactive hell…

  • jenna pearle says:

    at first, i was mortified. then, i couldn&#39;t stop laughing. WOW! dancing (besides the thrashing) was awkward at best. thanks for the laugh…<br /><br />jenna pearle

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