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why i hate pretty ricky…

Awww, remember ABC?

Not for nothing, when ‘Iesha’ hit the radio them lil’ boys were like the hottest thing since sliced bread. Jumping around all over the place, wearin’ bedazzled overalls with no shirts on, doing one-handed push-ups, talking about how they met this cutie with a bootie at the playground. Mmm-hmm… Oh and please don’t front like we weren’t ALL trying to learn every step of their dances including Red’s backflips.

Too funny.

Every time I see these little knuckleheads on the train breakdancing for dollars, I’m reminded of the group. Sigh. I wonder where they are now… Back in Atlantic City? Fingers crossed, they saved some of that 2-hit wonder money for college. I’d sure hate to find out they were still chillin’ at the playground….

*blank stare*
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