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hometraining is so key…

About a month ago, I read an article on Reuters about the significant rise of people in London preferring to use email and social networking web sites to break up with their partners. Mmm-hmmm…

Apparently, over 34 percent of the people polled admitted that they’d ended a relationship by email, 30% had simply changed their status on Facebook and wait on it… 6% of these e-thugs got extra gully and released the news unilaterally on Twitter. TWITTER???


I am happy/ blessed to say that to date, I have NEVER had anyone end of relationship with me via email. Shoot, if you ask me over the phone is super shady let alone digitally. but I didn’t want to assume that just because I haven’t had the unpleasant experience, it wasn’t happening to my friends and peeps. So I put up the poll question- Have you ever dumped o been dumped via text message?

And guess what?

83% said never.
2% ended the relationship that way.
13% received notice via text.


While I’m relieved for the 83%, I cant believe this bullish has happened to 13% of us. What is the world coming to when folks can’t even sum up enough courage to look you in the eye and tell you the relationship is over? Yeah, I’m talking to the 2%. It’s not that damn hard. Seriously, unless your life is in danger, it’s the least. Even if you’re pissed off, there’s something very powerful about saying the words- This is Over… I don’t want to be with You… This Isn’t working for Me… Or my favoritest- So yeah, I’d rather not.

And yes, that includes the times I’ve been on the receiving end. Cause once I hear the words out of your mouth, there is instant clarity. Grand opening, grand closing.

What do you think?
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