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Aside from the tragic suicide of Alexander McQueen and Bill Clinton’s near heart attack, it’s a super slow news day. I mean, that is if you don’t count the triflin’ Brooklyn school aide who encouraged an elementary school bully to beat up another student cause the latter got on her nerves. But I digress.

Anyhoo, so I’m taking it back to the polls. Here’s a more recent question that got a good voter response:

Do you think it’s possible to hook-up with a good friend 1x and still be as cool afterwards?
59% say Yes. If both parties are mature/ consenting adults it should be no problem
40% say No. Sex changes everything.

Quick disclaimer: I haven’t had any experience with the one-time homie hook-up. BUT I was thinking about it…

You see normally, I hook-up with men that I’ve recently met but don’t have any shared history. Since it’s all we know, we’re generally able to keep it going for at least a couple months (who turns a good thing away?). Then when the whole sexual aspect of the relationship fizzles, we remain cool. Truth be told, in most cases we’ve become really good friends because in such casual arrangement there’s no pretension. READ: he sees/ appreciates me for who I am and vice versa.

Mind you, the ONE and ONLY time that I did hook-up with a guy that was friend, it turned into a freaking 2-year long SHITSHOW. *shudders visibly in recollection*

In fact, now that I’m seeing all this written out, my mind is made up- I’m going with no-thank you.

As hard as true platonic friends of the opposite sex are to come by, I doesn’t seem worth potentially screwing up the relationship for a one-off. Over the years, I’ve come to depend on my guy friends’ brutal honesty in everything from work to relationships (cause please believe even when your mom won’t, a dude has no problem telling you when you’re playing yourself). The LAST thing I need is for my boy to be all distracted from the matters at hand or giving shady advice b/c they’re too busy thinking about the crazy thing that I can do with my whatchumacallit.

No ma’am.
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