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abort mission…

Good grief, I’m so glad it’s finally Friday! Not that it’s necessarily the end of my work week, since I decided to take yesterday off… But I’m still happy as hell that there will be less emails coming into my inbox than going out for a couple of days. Sigh.

So are ya’ll ready for some football?

Personally, I’m very excited about the Super Bowl! ‘Cause thanks to the kindness of friends I will be stuffing my face on yummy food as I root my ass off for the Saints. Oh boy, my greedy behind can’t wait!

Howsomever, I’m sure this impending “snowstorm” is probably making a lot of folks that are scheduled to fly down to Miami between tonight and tomorrow morn really, really nervous. (And I say that with quotes b/c since when is six inches of snow during the month of February considered a storm? Isn’t that just winter weather?)

Well if it helps at all, I’ll be thinking good thoughts for ya. ‘Cause ain’t nothing worse than getting all geared up to go slut it out and then unexpectedly being stuck at home. And you know who I’m talking to… (insert serious side-eye)

*lights a candle*
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