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don’t let the cute face fool ya…

Looks like the United States isn’t the only country where grown folks are wildin’ out on out of control little kids

Apparently, a couple in England went to dinner at a newly opened Mexican restaurant with their somewhat “outspoken” 2-year old (READ: unruly mini tyrant whom probably deserved a quick pinch under the table).  When their beloved lil’ Molly started to get antsy and fuss (at the top of her lungs, I’m sure) about the service being too slow, the waiter took it a tad personal.  Umm-huh… 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking: ‘Eeewa! He put something in the baby’s food!’ But no, homeboy wasn’t nearly as passive aggressive.  Instead, he kept it 100% live, and listed a line item charge for the  “little f**ker on the bill!  Can you stand it?? 

Jesus take the wheel… cause I can’t.
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