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here’s hoping for a lil’ street justice…

As much as I L-O-V-E my neighborhood and L-I-V-E for the summers, there is one thing that I truly can’t stand- the annual summer rapist.  Every single year since I moved here, there’s been some lunatic running around upper Harlem and Washington Heights making it nervous for women.  And unfortunately, I see that ’09 is not going to be an exception. Sigh.

So this is my PSA to all women living in the upper, upper west side of Manhattan- PLEASE be careful.  Apparently this sicko has a preference- he’s been raping and robbing petite women of all ages.  In fact, this past Tuesday, a 69 year-old woman became his third victim. Like seriously? Who the hell rapes a 69 year-old woman? 

Yeah there is certainly a special place in hell for this one I tell you.  

Oh and ladies, please don’t forget to share the news with all the males you know as well.  Quite honestly, they should be equally concerned.  ‘Cause it’s all fun and games till it’s your mom/ sister/ aunt/ cousin/ girlfriend that’s calling from the hospital…

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