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I’d be wrong for not posting about the hot ass mess that was the BET Awards, wouldnt I?   

‘Cause I’d really rather not talk about the tomfoolery that snatched almost four hours of my life away and left me utterly depressed. On some- so this is what we’ve been reduced to, huh?

And it’s not even so much the whole T-Pain accepting his award with a red plastic cup in hand, ya girl Beyonce selfishly choosing to sing a lackluster Ave Maria instead of a MJ song when she’s probably one of only 4 people in the entire place that could’ve done it justice, Zoe Saladano’s no home-training having self announcing to the world that veteran actress/Star Trek icon Nichelle Nichols was delayed the show up because she was in the bathroom TWICE or even Ving Rhames violent crackhead-esque outburst.
Naw, it was the subtle screw-ups that made my nerves bad. 

Like, this many years in the game and your tech guys still can’t get the sound system situation together? Err-um, why in the world weren’t the nominees in the various categories named? Who the hell didn’t realize that Don Cornelius is a thousand years old and anticipate his obvious need for the size of letters on the telepromter to be EXTRA, EXTRA LARGE? And most disturbing- Where was the Michael jackson bio?? All the energy put into Jaime’s wardrobe changes and nobody realized that there wasn’t a complete career bio/ montage prepared? Sigh.  

Jesus take the wheel, ’cause I. Can’t.
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  • Anonymous says:

    im going to skip over the actual commentary and note the subject: Usher has NEVER taken his chance to shine like MJ did at the Motown 25….smh

  • Candice Frederick says:

    don't forget about all the shameless acts of promotion on Jamie Foxx's part. And let's not even touch that Sheneneh movie he's promoting. I mena, but for real? That's a disgrace. As was much of the award show. I was looking to see some real Michael Jackson tribute, not just a few solid attempts by like 2 or three folks. What a mess. I know they were truggling at the last

  • Danita says:

    In defense of BET and the performers, they had less than 72 hours to revamp the entire show. Yet I think we, the audience, would've been better served had they limited all the MJJ tributes and songs to a single, focused, stellar performance. And as you pointed out, an audio/video biography to start the show would've been a welcome addition. Eh, hindsight is always 20/20.

  • RazzIce says:

    i just saw highlights…thank goodness! I have to youtube the New Edition performance though…GOD knows i miss them! Jamie Foxx can kiss my lovely ass! He has become the biggest joke! The brotha gets some fancy statues and he thinks we care about his singing and wannabe dancer ass puleeezzz! I was insanely happy to see Janet though, she is the one i've been most concerned about in all of

  • Arlene...blackorchid says:

    how about bet should have never touted thru press releases and the like that the BET awards 2009 was a MJ tribute when it never was. for god sakes they had CNN covering the red carpet! when has that happened?<br /><br /> a true artist could have pulled a tribute in 72 hours. don&#39;t give me that excuse. Jamie revamped his intro in 72 hrs, and it was great. Usher couldn&#39;t make it to the

  • Anonymous says:

    If we just take out the MJ tributes and focus on the fact that the other crap was actually planned and practiced it says a lot about what was suppose to happen prior to Michael Jackson&#39;s death. <br />I was thoroughly embarrassed and I am still dumbfounded by the fact DrakeLil Wayne thought it was cool to have little girls dancing on stage while they rapped to: &quot;If I Could F* Every Girl

  • NA says:

    This is a bad time for Chris Brown to be so messed up. He probably would have been able to give the best dance tribute to him. I can&#39;t believe all those black folks were there and none of them could do a dance tribute. Do we really only have Chris Brown and Usher who can sing and dance in 2009??<br /> <br />What the hell was Ciara singing???? I used to sound like that when I was a little

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