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somebody needs to smack fire out that lil boy…

So there I was minding my business trying to read up on this new nine minute miracle cellulite cream (that quietly, I’m sooo about to spend a $100 dollars on as soon as this recession ends) when I heard about the Chris Brown/ Rihanna beatdown incident report. And I have to tell you, after reading the entire report- this is so not okay.

Dude, Chris Brown beat Rihanna like she was a straight up stranger. Like forreal, forreal? Bouncing her head off of the car window, punching her in the eye, the head, the arm, leg AND then biting her? What in the hell? Did he momnetarily lose his mind and confuse for a car jacker? I’m just saying… Cause I just can’t comprehend what in the unholy domestic violence hell this punkass 19 year old was thinking when he threatened to “really beat your ass when we get home!” Word? Forget what you heard, that little dancing fool needs to go sitdown in a jail for at least six months to think about what he did to the woman he’s steady professing to love.

Oh and no Kanye et al, I do not think he deserves another chance. At all. So be clear, if I hear any of ya’ll enabling ass celebs come out and support him, I’m boycotting you too.

And I intend to start the prayer vigil for Rih-Rih and her sense of self-worth ASAP… cause clearly despite all the fame and money, there’s something missing in her life. And whatever it is, it compells her to return to a relationship w/ a man who beat that ass like a dude because HIS MESSY BEHIND got caught with the inapropriate 3-page text from the sidechick. Can I get an amen?
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