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Hmmm… so do you remember when that videotape of a 2 year-old girl being raped by a grown ass 34 year-old man mysteriously popped up in the Vegas desert about two years ago ? It was around the time all those little girls were being kidnapped and murdered across the country… and there was the intense nationwide manhunt for the dirty looking white dude with greasy hair and those nasty looking striped bed sheets?

Then when the authorities finally located the all the parties involved it was real nightmare operation- something like at the time, the girl’s mom was broke and homeless. So they were crashing at some random girlfriend’s crib for a couple of weeks. The guy, Chester Arthur Stiles was the friend’s trifling live-in boyfriend and he raped the baby while the mom and the friend were out kicking it. Or something real ‘Gone Baby Gone/ trailer-trashy mess like that…

Anyhoo, don’t ask me why I taught this sicko was already locked up under a jail but apparently he was just sentenced yesterday afternoon. Mmm-hmm, dude is looking at 22 felonies that carry multiple life prison terms in addition to an upcoming federal trial for producing child pornography that when he’s found guilty will carry a sentence of 15 to 30 years. Good luck.

You know, if they’re not gonna send Chester the Molester back to God for a do-over (’cause some folks really do need their interventions directly from the Big Homie) then I really hope they release his ass in to general population. NO, not because I want to see him tortured (although that is definitely a bonus) but rather because this is NOT where I want to see my tax dollars at work. I don’t want this scumbag to have a private cell, separate meals, take a shower at a different time, scratch his balls, not one damn thing different from all the rest of the folks I’m already supporting.

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